Our Life…..The Big Picture

That feeling in the lower part of your abdomen when you are about to hear the response of a long awaited question. You are worried and your heart is beating at a fast rhythm but then you have no choice but to hear the news, or to get the response.

This happens to everyone even the most successful man on earth. At that particular time, your thoughts needs the right food because failure to feed it with the right food can mar you, which result in you saying to yourself that, ‘I knew that is what is gonna happen’. but you could have prevented it if you have fed your thoughts with the right food.

Am sure people will ask what do I mean by right food? We are made to understand that we are the architect of our destiny, that is why you hear people say ‘is my life’.

Not trying to sound spiritual but the truth remains that we are the product of what we think and knowing such, why don’t we take the initiative of thinking positively when we are face with difficult situations?

I know it could be hard sometimes but it is important for us to always have a positive mindset about life expectations if not we tend to live our life surrounded by thoughts of fear, worries and failures.

Yes is our life and we are to extent responsible for the lessons life teaches us and as fighting women we shouldn’t be afraid to face life daily struggles, rather we should have it at the back of our mind that even the most successful lady today still face challenges and she thrives to conquer at the end of the day.

The life of a successful woman is just like a movie we watch, we all get to see the glamorous lady and how she is elegant, rich and commands respect but we don’t get to see the behind the scenes’ video were we could actually see the struggles and heartaches, the decisions she has to take, the obstacles she has to overcome.

I want to encourage a diva to keep believing in herself, speak to your subconscious cos you are in charge, is your life like you say so do the right thing. Speaking to ones thought requires courage because you aren’t looking at your present situation rather the big picture at the end of the tunnel.

Personal Exercise: Take out time to speak only wonderful things to yourself, appreciate the gift of seeing another day and command your day each time you wake up and I bet you, and the end of each day, you will feel happy and successful. Do this repeatedly till you have mastered the act of speaking to yourself positively.

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