I Hated My Hubby

1I and my hubby were married for 3years, all was good but then one can never tell the strength of a marriage if things are going well.

My ordeal started after I had a terrible accident, an accident that could have been prevented if my hubby has listened to me when I told him I didn’t feel like joining him for the trip to the village for a family meeting. he so insisted that I had no choice but to join him, thank God I insisted that our baby stayed in my sister’s house while we made the trip. On our way, we had a head on collision without another car that saw me flying out of the car. how it happened, I can’t say up till today.

After 6months in the hospital, I was told I will need to amputate my left leg from the knee as it is badly damaged due to infection. I cried and just couldn’t believe that at 29yrs I will be known as a lady with one leg. the future as at then was looking so hazy. After the operation, I went home, recuperated for awhile and was working though using crutches for easy movement but later I felt the stress was so much and the pain on my shoulder was severe and had to choice but to tender my resignation.

Hubby promised to be paying me monthly  but that promise stopped at the 7th month saying after all he ensures foodstuff and other household items are always available. I didn’t even bother him with all that, my concern came after almost 2years since the accident when he started making me feel less of a human being, always treating me bad, no respect and don’t want us to attend occasions together just because of my predicament.

Our sex life was even the worst and I wouldn’t blame him for that because shortly after the operation when I was deem fit, we decided to make love but it was so awkward and i was embarrassed cos my half leg seems to get in the way so since then I didn’t even bother to ask for sex and he also didn’t demand  it from me.

On a fateful day, my hubby told me that we needed to discus and during the discussion, he dropped the bombshell that he is taking a new wife. I was shocked cos in all the years I knew him I can vouch that my hubby ain’t the polygamous type although, our religion permits it.

I asked him why and he said I shouldn’t ask such question as I know the answer. I cried and felt so depressed but what can I do? I accepted the woman who turned out to be troublesome with ulterior motive to either get me out of the house or make my life miserable. she achieved it in both ways cos my hubby sent me packing after one year of trying to manage me like he claimed. it took strength and motivation from family and friends for me to go through the ordeal.

I used to have passion for cake baking and a friend helped to turn my passion into a money making business. Allah saw me through it all, my business was booming cos orders do come regularly which made it easy for me to be able to cater for myself and my daughter.

My friends gave me a surprise birthday gift of getting me a prosthetic leg. I was shocked but then good friends are like treasure and I value them so much. A year after separating from my hubby, he went to see my mum thinking I will be with her in the village, my mum drove him out of the house, he had to come with his family members saying my mum doesn’t want him to see his child. When they came, my mum told them to come on a particular day cos she needed to inform my elder brothers since our dad was late.

I was also informed and I came down to the village from Lagos where I have been staying after leaving my hubby. He was shocked to see me looking good and walking but limping slightly and without the use of a crutches. All along people didn’t really know what went wrong between I and my hubby. So at that point, I explained everything to them and his family members were shocked, as that wasn’t what they were told. I told them that if I was lying my hubby should say so if he has the fear of Allah in his heart.

He couldn’t deny the allegations and said it was the work of Satan. well I couldn’t care less cos I have moved on. he can see his daughter whenever he wants but my daughter will never set foot in his house so long he is still married to his other wife.

The family members pleaded with me to come back and I told them over my dead body cos I wasn’t ready to die. I asked my hubby why he now sought to see me now after the way he treated me, and he confessed that an Alfa told him the reason his business isn’t going well is cos he offended someone so dear to him and he quickly knew it was me. Well forgave him but not ready to go back since he was the one that divorced me in the first place.

I really thank Allah for everything and my wonderful friends, maybe someday God will bring someone who will love me with my flaws and of course with my child but don’t think am ready to be a second wife to any man cos at my age, it may be difficult to see someone that is single, but i leave every to God.

Only God knows the heart of every man, keep trusting God and all will be well with you.

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