Her Back Stabbing Friend….


Not that I was eavesdropping but I didn’t get any option as I was sandwiched between two big ladies in a keke and as if that wasn’t enough, one of them had a cogent body odour that whenever she raises her hand to make a hand gesture I felt like throwing up, gosh how do ladies end up with that. At  first I didn’t know they knew each other because at the park I saw only one lady seated in the keke, so i joined her and the other lady came and joined us and they didn’t mind that I was in the middle.

Well I asked to sit at the edge so I don’t disturb them but they said no need and that is not a bother, that was when I knew I was on my own. They switched to speaking Ijaw and I guessed they felt i wouldn’t understand.

Well what I heard from eavesdropping was just so many answers to my questions. The lady with the body odour was lamenting that her hubby has been denying her sex and she doesn’t know how to go about it and he doesn’t even like hugging her nor kissing her. In fact she was almost at the point of shedding tears and that was when the other friend pleaded that I switch places with her and now I didn’t feel like switching places, as i was ready to bear the pungent smell while getting the wonderful gist but not to give myself away, i agreed and the driver had to park so we can switch places.

The lady started consoling her friend with the body odour and told her to commit it to God, that is the work of the devil and she should add fasting to the prayers. In my mind i was like seriously?

Well i continued eavesdropping as she kept narrating to her friend all she has been going through for a year now. We got to a bus stop, and the lady with the body odour alighted after paying the transport fare for her and her friend. We continued our journey, later i heard the friend hiss and said stupid fool, i was shocked but didn’t know why she hissed nor who she called stupid fool until she started talking to someone on the phone where she narrated the discussion she just had with the other lady and from the discussion, she was even saying it was good it happened to her friend and she isn’t surprised because her “supposed friend” has poor hygiene and who is ready to hug and kiss someone with both body and mouth odour together. Gosh i felt so bad for her friend because all these while she didn’t know the kinda friend she had.

Now from all that transpired i have two major discussions, the poor hygiene of the lady with the issues and the character of the back stabbing friend. The back stabbing friend is actually right that her friend has poor hygiene because just few minutes seated next to the lady wasn’t pleasant in all ramifications. Many ladies today have such problem and is either they don’t know or they just don’t care but from this lady’s plight she obviously don’t know and her back stabbing friend who knows is not ready to tell her the truth, also her husband obviously knows the truth and don’t wanna tell her in order not to hurt her feelings.

Aside her poor hygienic condition, she is beautiful with her full figure and imagine if she smells nice, her hubby will in fact be pursuing her round the house for sexual delight, but in her case is the other way round, he is running from her


A true friend should be able to face you eye ball to eyeball and point our your faults not minding if she hurts you, because the truth is always bitter but it is the truth. This back stabbing friend is categorically not a good friend and she isn’t someone one should confide in, cos it seems she even wish that her friend’s marriage come to an end.


So ladies being hygienic isn’t expensive and also try to understand not all friends needs to be your counselor no matter how long you guys have known each other. I once met a male friend who said all his friends each has a role to play in his life, and clearly it should be that way.

So friends, you wanna throw more light? Why don’t you share?


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