My Wife Is The Real MVP


I say this not cos am bragging but is the truth, so unfortunate is not my wife sending this story but me. my wife is not a phone freak or social media savvy but I love her all the same. I met my wife when we were still schooling in one of the universities in north, her parents are both lecturers and are well to do.

We were both in same level but different departments and was introduced through a dear friend of mine. from the point of introduction, we quickly hit it off and not long after we started dating, but her folks didn’t know even though she lives with them in the staff quarters. our relationship carried on till final year and it was blissful until my wife got pregnant.

I was so worried cos I didn’t know what step to take. Am practically a poor church rat from a poor home and kept reasoning within myself and for once I felt so low and stupid and blamed myself for not protecting us enough. My wife was so scared to tell her folks but we needed to make a decision asap cos final year exams likewise projects were around the corner. Summoning the courage, she told her parents and they called for my attention, thinking they want us to say something positive. I went not knowing that her dad had already called for the police, I was arrested and locked up for 3days. my wife pleaded with them to release me that is not only my fault but hers as well.

The mum later felt pity for me and pleaded with her hubby to release me. Upon my release the dad asked me what is the next step, I was so speechless but boldly stood my ground that I will marry her. He was shocked cos he didn’t expect me to that since he already knows am from a poor background. He saw this as adding salt to injury and told me to walk out. For one week I didn’t hear from my wife and was worried and scared at the same time, thinking maybe they have forced her to have an abortion.

After 2weeks of searching for her round the school and inquiring from friends, she later came to me and said her folks disowned her because she insisted on keeping the pregnancy, I was shocked cos didn’t know that all these were happening. Comforting her, I told her we will manage no matter what, she was surprised but inwardly I vowed to do my best by her.

Pregnancy in school is not easy, and coupled with the fact that I was also a student like her made matter a little worst since i couldn’t really afford anything for her but that didn’t change my mind. We struggled through it all, the gossips, the stares and the challenges and finally graduated. Some months after her project defence she put to bed a baby boy and help from all angles came. students, and some lecturers from church who knew our story.

God is indeed wonderful cos despite the fact that we didn’t work our service, we were posted to Lagos, it was so shocking but that was just God in action. We still hadn’t gotten blessings from her dad because her mum later came around and do assist us and she was actually the one that said we should try and see the husband again before we leave for Lagos.

I actually thought that the sight of his grandson will move him to bless us but no, in fact he was even angry at the wife for conspiring with us. we were sent out and on our way back to my folks house, my wife said she won’t beg her dad again until God says is time.

Service year wasn’t easy and life after service was even terrible cos I was looking for job everywhere while my wife was teaching in a private school that wasn’t paying much but was able to put food on the table while I was assisting someone in his cyber cafe in order not to put the whole weight on her meager salary. 3years after service, I got a breakthrough through the pastor of our branch that referred me to his friend that they needed an IT personnel. not knowing the kinda company I accepted immediately cos I needed the job very fast, as my wife was already pregnant with our second child.

Days pass into months and I didn’t hear from my pastor’s friend and I became worried. My wife despite that she was pregnant insisted we go into 7days fasting and praying, which i bluntly refused cos of her condition but she told me if am not interested she will do it alone but prayers shared by 2 especially as we are a couple offers immediate solution and I had to do it cos she was right.

After the fast, I became so excited about life and kept believing God for his confirmation of promise and one Sunday after service, my pastor called me to his office and when I got there, I met his friend again and he apologized for the delay. I told him is just the way God wants it, he finally gave me his card to come to his office the following day being Monday.

At home, my wife and I couldn’t eat, we were just praying within ourselves for God’s intervention and we shouldn’t be put to shame, I got to the office the following day and was interviewed immediately by 3white men and my pastor’s friend and after the interview, I was told to wait at the reception and 3 hours later, I was directed to another office, only to find out it was the HR unit in order to pick up my employment letter.

I was so dumbfounded. the salary package was awesome and it shows that we will be relocating to Abuja.

2 years after that interview, things have really been moving well for us. All these while it was only court marriage we did. Her dad finally sent for us and apologized to us and I told him he doesn’t owe me an apology rather am the one to apologize but the person he really needs to apologize to is his daughter my wife.

he cried and told my wife to forgive him, I calmly told my wife to accept his forgiveness. they hug and after much talk, he told us he will be sponsoring our marriage, all we needed to do was to pick a date. told him he doesn’t need to do that, as I must do the right thing which is taking charge of the expenses as that is my duty. he was amazed but accepted.

Am glad we went through those hard times cos it prepared us for life ahead and drew us closer to God.


My wife is the best thing that has ever happened to me and can’t thank God enough for bringing her to me, she kept believing in God and standing beside me all through the tough times. She is indeed a virtuous woman as the bible described and I will forever treasure her till I have no more life in me.

It takes courage for a man to openly appreciate his wife and for doing this, God will continually be with you guys and Love will never cease from your home.

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