Thinking Of Quitting?…..Think Again!!!!


Honestly Funmi am sick and tired of sending my cvs in different companies without result, said Kemi as she angrily pace her mini flat she has been staying for the past 3years.

Well I understand how you feel replied Funmi but you have to keep pressing forward till you get what you have always wanted.If I tell you how I suffered before getting to where I am today, you will be amazed. I got to understand very quickly that in this life is only God that can really fight for you. Just 3years after school, you are already complaining replied Fumni to Kemi’s attitude towards life.

Kemi and Funmi are neighbors and they have become so close as they both attend same church. Funmi works in a bank while Kemi is still waiting for the big picture while managing in a small firm. Kemi sees Funmi as a big sister and often confides in her about her fears and worries.

Sitting her down, Funmi narrated to Kemi how she struggled to be where she is today, how she had to be patient while thanking God for what she had at hand until a vision came to her to equip herself in the particular field she has always had passion for. She advised Kemi to do same, to develop herself and leave the rest to God.

Most times we find ourselves being fed up about life issues and angry about our present situations but we tend to give up so quickly instead of keep pushing forward, because am sorry to say but worry only aggravate the situation rather that solve the puzzle.

An average human want to succeed beyond all reasonable doubt and to do that one needs to be positive about life, you have to filter your friends to know who shares same aspirations with you and be ready to leave behind those that can’t share your dreams and aspirations.

Do yourself a favor and speak to your inner self cos you are in charge and stop carrying this negative energy around you as it will do you no good. Learn to say NO to some jobs, friends and associates, work extensively in branding yourself because in this modern age, packaging goes a long way.

Now instead of thinking of quitting, think of strategies to actualize your dreams because your dream can’t materialize without you doing something about it. There is absolute no one on this planet earth that don’t think of the wonderful life, so is left for us to keep fighting and with diligence, strong mind and absolute belief in ourselves and of course faith in God, we can achieve all that we set our mind and heart on.

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