Before You Buy That Car In Lagos As A Lady….


After asking Baba God for a better job, because i had stayed in the mountain of small paying jobs for a long time, He finally did answer my prayers that gave me a leverage to start thinking in the way of getting myself a car because I felt I have suffered enough in the hands of these Lagos drivers.

From having to jump buses, to standing inside BRT buses and even before the existence of the BRT, I have stood inside these molue bus that usually operates from Obalende to Oshodi and other areas. If you are using the molue bus and lucky to get a seat, you start praying that you get to your destination on time because the bus may be stinky or the person seating next to you may have body odour and those standing will block your view with their swinging bodies as a result of the bus in motion. The conductor in this particular type of bus doesn’t smile at all and they don’t take nonsense.

The smaller buses called danfo bus has its own perks. People usually prefer the molue to the normal bus, because is cheaper , however these smaller buses tend to get full on time but some normal buses could be annoying, the conductors can lack manners and at times you will be a conductor if the driver doesn’t have one, that situation when the driver will say ejor owo da line by line.

Keke is actually small but mighty and usually referred to as elder brother of okada by passengers, i do like using this because of the ability of its driver to maneuver the vehicle through grid lock traffic especially when am late and the traffic is so terrible.

What really prompted me more to start praying earnestly for my own car was as result of my frequent encounters with mobile criminals. The nature of my job warrant me leaving the house as early as 4;30 am to start my journey to the island from iyana ipaja and often times i have been robbed by mobile criminals, snatching my bag and threatening to shoot me if i scream, and when returning home from work and is already late due to the usual traffic at 3rd mainland bridge, you see these hawkers when there is traffic claiming to be hawking their wares, whereas they are robbers waiting for any opportunity to strike.

Well I had to beg Baba God to help me get a car, because I have had enough so I wanna save towards it. God was sure reasoning my case because my pastor said we should believe that, He is seeing some people testifying as car owners before the end of the year, in fact my amen was louder than those seating beside me but wetin concern me? Everybody come Lagos on e own nau.

After much, I got a car and it was Naija use, I thought all my travails will be over. I was feeling myself until a year later, I got to know that there is more than been a car owner, in fact you need to have mechanical skills. Imagine you are driving and even late to work, and your car just stop in the middle of the road, I was in that situation once, aje butter no dey dis one o? You have to find a way to move your car out of the road, sort out what is the issue and get it fixed if possible or be bold to leave it there and come back for it if you can’t find a road side mechanic.

You have to have a hard heart when driving on this Lagos road as a lady, because you will sure have encounter with these danfo drivers and their conductors, in fact the passengers can even join them to shout at you, you will hear, na woman nau…e husband buy am car no come teach her well…abeg move your car jare. What baffles me is that some fellow ladies will join in the insults forgetting that they will also have a car someday or maybe they want to be perpetual danfo customers.

Imagine you were finally hit after managing to drive as carefully as possible but this bus drivers always want to try your patience, at that moment as a single lady you are thinking about the expenses that has been incurred and some passengers would want to show themselves by begging on the driver’s behalf. I had a scenario like that, i just couldn’t take it because when it happened the first time, i forgave the person, went to ‘ladipo market’ and was cheated on top of it, making me spend so much at the end of the day, so this time around i just told the guy to settle me sharply, he had to borrow cash from his fellow drivers to give me before i allowed him to go. shuo for this lagos?

Another lesson i got was dealing with LASTMA officers i learned not to wind down my glass when ever they stop me, just wind it down a little so they don’t put their stupid hand to take your car keys. The worst set is VIO, they are so wicked that no amount of pleading can save your sorry ass if devil was with you that day.

In fact different issues with car, when you ain’t with a car, you can decide to walk away when a bus breaks down, or when LASTMA or even VIO officers stops a bus you are in, but my dear this is your car, you can’t just leave it.

Well is not that the car gave me issues all the time but when it has issues, you would wish you didn’t have a car in the first place. I finally had to sell the car and I appreciated the transport service once again but I am in the look out for a car again cos I miss that title, car owner!!!!and definitely not Naija use sha and i can proudly say that i have learned a great deal and much more prepared to be a car owner again.

My fellow car owners eku-ise oooo….


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