Diary Series: Diary Of A Frustrated Housewife…

1She felt she couldn’t take it anymore, she has endured enough suffering in silence and it hasn’t even improved the situation, rather he kept taking her for granted.

Who would believe her? Who will console her? Who can actually look beyond the smiles and cheerful face and see her tears, and her tired eyes that her good makeup skill has been able to conceal?

Making up her mind, she decided to pour all her pent up emotions through writing in her new bought diary;


Dear diary, today marks the beginning of a lifelong friendship between the two of us as you are the only one I can confide in, you see my tears due to the tear droplets from my eyes falling onto you, you hear my cries as I write down all I am going through.

My sweet diary, am a married housewife with two beautiful kids who I love so much and are the reason am still in this institution called marriage. Before getting married, I was a successful career lady that called the shots in the various companies I once worked with.

Hubby pleaded with me to resign in order for our twin babies to have a good upbringing, as thrusting little babies to strangers in creche or nannies ain’t good. I agreed to it because he was right and we agreed that after 3 years with them, I will go back to my career, so I should just see it as a career break.

My beloved diary, it seems that was the worst decision I ever made because hubby didn’t keep to his promise, and my babies are 5yrs old now. I have thought of having a business that I can even run from home and he kicked against it. Staying at home 24/7 is becoming frustrating to me and my hubby is equally not helping matters, He doesn’t want to understand me rather He goes about saying am a nagging wife and people tend to jump to conclusions.

Today was so annoying, I went to meet him in our bedroom as he was preparing to go to work and requested for cash that I will need for grocery shopping likewise get some stuff for our home and the kids, my hubby screamed at me in reply, saying am demanding cash too much and what about the cash he gave me the previous week? How can I explain to him that I use the =N=5,000 he gave me to fuel the generator and used part of it to prepare 3 pots of soup, his favorites? After much talk, he dropped =N=5,000 on the bed and walked out on me.

Am seriously asking God for strength because his attitude is choking me. My hubby is neither poor nor I a cash waster, so why is he treating me like this? Most times, I ask myself if he has a side chic outside because I see no reason why a man should treat his wife as he is treating me. I once tried to ask his very good friend, but he laughed and said I shouldn’t entertain such thoughts about my hubby.

Outside not providing enough for me, my hubby hardly talk to me whenever he is around and even when I try to engage him in conversations. Now I don’t look forward to him coming home from work. When he get back from work, I just set the table for his dinner, make sure the kids are sleeping soundly and am off to bed.

To be continued….

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