The Principle Behind ‘Vex Money’

Last week Friday saw me traveling to Benin to attend a wedding of a dear friend and I stayed with some other good friends of mine from my university days. We have been so close and work is actually the reason we live apart from each other. We lodge in the same hotel with the bride who is our friend. Lucy is base in Warri while Chinwe in Abuja and my humble self, in Bayelsa.

It was fun all through, and after the wedding ceremony the following day, the bride left with her hubby for her honeymoon, while the rest of us, headed back to our hotel and we were watching a Nollywood movie that got us reminiscing school days. The movie was about a lady that got stranded after getting pissed at her date. She couldn’t walk out on the guy because she didn’t go out with any cash and ending up spending the night with the guy.

The movie brought back old memories and we were wondering if ladies actually fall prey to such situations now. In my school then, it is normal and expected that a lady goes out with cash, no matter how little. During our undergraduate days, there was nothing like ATM card transactions and as such one is expected to carry physical cash when going on a date with a guy especially first date, in case you ain’t please with how your date is going or when the guy feels he can easily try to convince you to go home with him.

This particular cash is a lady’s security for that day and in school then, we call it ‘vex money’. It actually gives a lady that confidence that she can take any immediate action if things aren’t going the way she expects. Infact your roommate will even remind you, in case it skips your mind as you are about leaving the hostel, that is when you hear your roommate or friend saying, ‘ah babe you don carry your vex money? incase of any gbege’.

Lucy shared with us a familiar story of how a guy she once met on her way to class as a jambite, wanted a cheap lay. The guy followed her all the way down to her class and kept asking for her email address, as mobile phones weren’t out then. She finally did after much disturbance from the guy. After exchanging mails for awhile, they agreed to meet at a suya hangout a little far from campus. The date was going well till the guy asked her, to spend the night with him. She was surprised but told him no. After trying to press her and she getting disgusted by it because the guy was acting like he wouldn’t take her back to the campus, and he actually thought she wouldn’t be able to find her way back. She quickly stood up, walked out on him and flagged down the next available cab to take her back to campus.

Chinwe’s own story was mind blowing because the guy that actually tried to play smart with her was from her church, however, she was smarter because she left him seated at the eatery and even paid for her own food and walked out.

I shared with them my little cousin’s experience with a guy that they both went to the cinema for a date.The guy insisted on getting her a cup of popcorn and soft drink even when she told him she didn’t like popcorn  and would prefer hotdog or just drinks, she even volunteered to pay for herself, but the guy would have nothing of that. Getting worked up with the guy’s attitude, she opted to go home as she wasn’t in the mood again and asked if the guy can take her home, which he refused to do. She calmly told the guy no problem, excused herself to use  the restroom, and went straight to the ATM machine, withdrew cash and left the cinema. The guy kept calling her phone which she refused picking till she had boarded a bus.

Listening to them was really refreshing and I would expect that no girl falls cheaply to that scheme especially at this age of ATM card transactions and even mobile phones that you can easily use to call up a friend to come and pick you. One has to be more careful and smart especially undergraduates, However, female students these days are getting wiser and more exposed.

Photo Credit: Google


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