Diary Series: Diary Of A Frustrated Housewife (Continues….)


Now we bring you continuation from last week’s post of the Diary Series; Diary of a frustrated housewife,  and if you missed it, you can read HERE


Dear Diary, today was one of those days that you have the intuition when you are the topic of discussion. I was in church last week and felt like am the topic of discussion among three ladies sitting behind me, I wasn’t comfortable and I decided to use the restroom to freshen up, and heading to the children’s class to pick up my kids, I  noticed same ladies were now outside and kinda heading to the same direction. They actually blocked my path and asked that I give them an audience and I was wondering what for? One of them who seems to be outspoken bluntly told me that my hubby was cheating on me and it pains her because am not doing anything about it.

I was shocked because I honestly don’t know them even though I am familiar with almost everyone in my church but extremely privy to my personal life. When she noticed I was quiet, she calmly told me to try and watch out for cheating signals and also open my eyes very well and, in fact, the lady in question is in the church.

My dear friend, that particular information got me so interested, but I still kept my cool. One of them later told me to be prayerful and pray for wisdom, I thanked them and left. I was so ashamed of myself and was shaking all over, but I just prayed for wisdom like they advised.

After dinner, I calmly and rationally asked my hubby if all was well with him, his office and family wise, he said all was well and I further asked him if all is well in our marriage, he was confused, but he answered all was well. Hearing that I reminded him that am always here if he needed someone to talk to or share his worries, after which I left him and went to sleep.

Dear diary, my world came crashing down last night when I saw a brown envelope on our matrimonial bed, I opened it out of curiosity and saw that it was divorce papers, wondering who it was for, as my hubby ain’t a lawyer. My hubby came in and met me with the documents, he became furious and asked why I opened the envelope and I told him it wasn’t intentional but just wanted to know what was inside. Nonchalantly, he said it is actually for me, that he is seeking a divorce and he wants it as fast as possible.

Dearest diary, have always known my marriage was going down but I never knew it has gotten so bad. I cried myself out and in the middle of the night, woke him up and asked if that was what he wanted, he grumbly said yes and I asked if he thought about the kids, and he said yes that I will get full custody, but he will support financially. That was when it dawned on me that he had it all planned, he was just waiting for the perfect time.

I woke up this morning feeling perfectly fine, meeting a good lawyer later in the day that will read the content of the divorce papers before signing it. I don’t have any plans for now, but I know God will give me wisdom.

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To be continued…


2 thoughts on “Diary Series: Diary Of A Frustrated Housewife (Continues….)

  1. Hmmmm….Lord have mercy!


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