Diary Series: Diary Of A Frustrated Housewife..(Final Episode)


We bring to you the final episode of Diary of A Frustrated Housewife and if you miss the second episode please click HERE and for the first episode please click HERE


My Beloved diary, am so sorry i neglected you for a while but i have been busy with finalizing the divorce proceedings. I met with a good divorce lawyer i was introduced to by a former colleague and the lawyer was so excellent that my hubby was shocked i could know such an experienced lawyer who made sure he takes major responsibility towards his kids in terms of finance and can only see the kids under my supervision. Also he can’t just take my kids for any trips whatsoever without my approval and in case he do wish to travel with them, i should be duly notified early enough to make the decision. A certain amount was mentioned to him that will be paid monthly to the kids account and failure to do so will warrant a legal action against him

Before putting down my signature, I asked for 10 minutes to speak alone to my husband. Even though he was irritated by the request, he accepted my request.

I didn’t try to plead my case, only pleaded that he doesn’t shut himself from the kids lives because every kid need a male figure in their lives and especially for that of our son that will need a man to look up to as a role model. He was calm and i sensed he was surprised but accepted.

The deed was done, after the usual talk, we were pronounced divorced and free to live our lives once again as singles but we shouldn’t forget our responsibilities towards our kids.

Dearest friend, after the brouhaha of that day, i went home feeling downcast. I have been staying at a friend’s house since we started the divorce proceedings and that particular night of the final ruling, I cried myself out for the first time since my ex hubby uttered the word divorce. No amount of consolation could make me feel better that day, it just looks like i needed to show that am human.

I called in some favors from the last company i worked with, needing referrals and to God be the glory I got called to work for a management consulting firm as a project supervisor. Have been able to move to an apartment with my kids, enrolled them in a new school close to my office.

It looks so fast, but it was God at work, because He made me realized i can’t wallow in self pity because i have my kids to take care of, and He that brought me to this point will see me through.

My beloved diary, i promise today marks the end of me lamenting to you. From now on, i will be sharing with you happy moments shared with my kids, in my new office and of course life in general.


Your Wonderful Friend…





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