Opportunity At Its Best….

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The act of rising above your predicament and pushing forward despite all odds cannot be over emphasized. The desire to be granted an opportunity can never go dim in the mind of the youths.

I remembered a story a friend shared with me sometime last year, how her GM usually likes ridiculing her staff. On a particular day, they were asked to bring their updated CVs and while glancing through, her GM noticed that she was same age with her first son, made a 2:1 and her son made 2:2, She is a certified projected manager likewise her son. The only difference was, she was earning =N=80,000 while her son was earning over =N=250,000 outside allowance in one of the oil companies. Her GM sheepishly asked what she was doing in the company and doesn’t she have anyone that can help her as she had to call in favors for her son. She replied her by saying she is waiting for the opportunity to break even and she believes is very soon and that her son is opportune to know people that can help him, but she hasn’t gotten that, and that is the MAJOR difference between her and her son.

There are people that needs just the opportunity to break even, and when you do, you find yourself widely celebrated and respected because you chose not to give up during the early stage when no one knew your struggles.


Viola Davis

Viola Davis became the first black woman to win an Emmy for Best Actress in a Drama. Did she see it coming? She knew she had a lot of strong contenders, but she trusted her instinct because she must have prepared her speech for the night. That is been hopeful and positive. Her powerful speech that night as she received her award was the rave of the moment, as it was both emotional and inspirational. Her speech moved so many people to tears as she closed her speech saying, ‘the only thing that separates women of color from anyone else is an opportunity.

Opportunity is still desired year in, year out and you don’t have to win in a contest for you to break even because that opportunity to be in the contest is what most people are looking for. I was opportune to watch a cooking challenge called MasterChef Canada, the inaugural edition which took place last year, 2014. What made me really wanna talk about the show is because of the fighting spirit in the contestants. You see them trying to better themselves, listening to their instincts and taking directives from the chef hosts while under pressure to deliver a delicacy that most time has to be prepared under 35 minutes as the case may be.

My favorite was Kaila Klassen, a real estate agent. Though she came third in the competition, She was a force to be reckoned with and her fellow contestants knew that. She was always in all elimination challenges and somehow she still finds herself escaping till the final round when she was eliminated. Leaving the competition didn’t make Kaila forget her passion for food or give up her dream of having her own restaurant because right now she solely owns her boutique catering business called ‘The Guilty Kitchen’. However, before been able to set this up, she had so many fall out here and there but that didn’t deter her from following her complete passion. She said MasterChef Canada gave her a wonderful experience because she learned how to listen to her instincts and also gave her the opportunity to bring her dreams to reality.


Kaila Klassen

That is what passion is all about. When you have a passion for something and you are given an opportunity to showcase it, may be through competition, you have to make use of it, explore to the fullest, even if you end up not becoming the winner.

Now let’s come home to Naija, haven’t you noticed our beauty queens, reality TV stars and now musicians and even comedians trying to explore the movie industry? They will tell you all is entertainment, which categorically is true. Some people just need the exposure. Uti Nwachukwu is one guy I admire so much because the guy has made me know that what one should be praying for is an opportunity and be able to maximize it to the fullest. After winning BBA All stars, Uti has ventured into all part of entertainment apart from music and who knows he may have it in mind.

Some people don’t even have to win a competition because they believe they can still maximize it. Melvin Oduah didn’t win BBA but now you see him exploring the entertainment industry and he will attribute it to the opportunity of participating in the BBA reality show. Omawumi Megbele popularly known as Omawumi did not win West African Idols, but her participation gave her the needed break through and today, you can’t mention female musicians in Nigeria or even Africa without mentioning her.

We all pray to have an opportunity that will push us out to the world and for those still waiting for the golden opportunity, keep doing what you know how to do best and the right time will surely come.


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