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Job interviews are the expectations of all graduates whether you are working already or still searching. Due to how Nigeria is, I have been to several interviews that it came to a point I got tired of applying for jobs.

At job interviews, you see a different kind of people, there are people you will see and you will be wondering if you will get the job because they look smartly dressed and you are dressed just okay.

I remembered the first interview I got after just rounding up my NYSC program, I had to go to the market to get a good skirt suit, pair of shoes. I spent so much that I thought I have landed the job already but when I got to the interview venue, I saw people that couldn’t care less how they dressed as far as they aren’t dressed indecently. I suffered seriously because I wasn’t comfortable, and was feeling so much pain from the shoes I wore. Being that it was my first job interview, I didn’t know I would have carried along a pair of flat slippers. When I got home, I had blisters on my toes and the job I didn’t get.

That experience made me know that no matter the kind of job I must be comfortably dressed. I even made it a point of duty not to ever put on a skirt when am going for any job interview and I have my reasons which are personal.

There are some job invites you get, probably a job you have been expecting and when you finally get it, you would think that the people they also contacted alongside you won’t be much but to your greatest surprise, you meet a crowd of people that looks like they came to seat for UME exam. At that point you know you have only God, because how will that multitude be screened and you picked? In fact when you succeed in getting a job from that kinda interview or test, testimony must be your option because is not easy and you never know, the person seating next to you in church when you gave the testimony may have been in that same job test screening with you.

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There are so many interview experiences out there, and if you don’t have much, it means you were one of those Favored and I thank God for your life but at the end is usually worth it having varying experiences because it helps you appreciate any job you finally get no matter how the salary is.

The most annoying thing is after rating a particular company good, you start estimating a particular salary from how wonderful the staff are dressed to the nature of the building the company is situated even to its location, only for the HR to tell you what they can offer and trust me is not good to accept immediately when you haven’t taken into consideration your transportation, feeding and, of course, accommodation, except the company, is willing to take care of your transport through provision of bus. It hurts me most times to see able bodied men, graduate with families to take care of rushing out early to work just for them to earn something minimal at the end of the month.Naija we hail thee. Obviously the so-called minimum wage is not effective in our dear Naija.

Another frustrating thing about some job interview summons is those from health management companies that use the opportunity to exploit their fellow Nigerians all with the excuse that they are trying to make you an entrepreneur. They don’t consider the fact that some people don’t reside in a particular location before sending the invite.

3years ago, I got an invite for a job test/interview and I took permission from my place of work to attend thinking it will be worth it, only for me to find out that it is this health management people and sorry to say, but they were blabbing, I got pissed off and went out. Outside the venue, I saw a smartly dressed guy lamenting that he had to come all the way from Aba because of this and he was at the brink of tears, honestly from the way he was talking, you will know he has been on the search for a job for a long time. I felt so bad for him, but everyone is on the search for a job or a better job. So if you wanna save your cash and time from these people, just simply type the job venue or the received text message on Google and you will be surprised to find out crucial information on the job and thus gives you an answer and a decision to take.

Funny enough I give credit to these small upcoming companies for their strategic minds on how to get people to turn up for a job interview. A friend of mine went for an interview only to find out that it was a retail shop, she was so shocked because the job advert specified graduates and masters degree as an added advantage. She wasn’t the only one angry but others also and at the end they picked a candidate that was eager to get just any job because that was her first application. She and the lady in question became fast friends as they exchange contact details, my friend got to know that the lady resigned after 2months of working because the owner of the shop expected her to do the cleaning, sales and running errands for her daughter.

A colleague shared with me last week how he suffered getting a job, the places he had to go and the cash spent just to be available for interviews and at the end, no show. One experience he cannot forget was having to honor an invitation only to find out that is all these recruitment agents that want you to pay for form before they refer you to where they have for you. At first the agent said is =N=12,500. He was shocked and told the agent that he doesn’t have that amount, and the agent asked how much he has with him, which he replied =N=1,500. The agent now asked him to bring it, that was when he knew the agent was a fraudster, he just stood up and walked out.

Most people get job interview summons through different means, a dear friend of mine saw a BBM broadcast message aka BC about a job in an industry she has been dying to be, and she applied just in case, and to her utmost surprise, she passed the test and two stages of interview with the said company. She was so confident she will start immediately but to her greatest surprise she started working with the company after almost 10months after the second stage of the interview process when she had even lost hope of working with them.

Some people are favored when it comes to getting the job that they didn’t even feel the pressure of looking for a job like every other person. Some of my girlfriends were fortunate to be retained immediately after their service program while some got through referrals.

However, it seems the population of job seekers rises daily because more graduates are coming out and everyone is looking for a job. It gets to a certain stage where you can no longer apply as a graduate trainee but due to the fact that everyone is looking for an opportunity, you see someone that graduated 4 years ago still waiting to go for an interview for a graduate trainee job. When you go for such interviews, and you try to engage in some friendly chit-chat with fellow applicants, you will be surprised to know that almost all of them there just recently finished their NYSC. However is usually not the case because the company just may not mind that you are supposed to be on experience level as far as you don’t mind being paid as an entry level staff, that is if you are eventually taken, putting into consideration, age factor.

Well, they say experience is the best teacher and trust me I have learned a lot from the various job interviews I have attended and that has really motivated me to improve myself more and also make plans concerning my future.


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2 thoughts on “Interview Na Wa…

  1. Uchechi says:

    High turn out of graduates yearly but few places to accommodate them. It is well with us.


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