Letter To My Unborn Daughter On Relationships


My sweet daughter, honestly I can’t wait to bare you in my hands, nurture you and encourage you to be the best female your generation has ever produced.

I know you will learn so much from me through observation and also how I manage situations, but one thing I want to teach you is about relationship. The type that exists between a man and a woman. I don’t want you to be shy in expressing yourself or shy from telling me that you have found your soul mate.

I promise to be there to guide you in the choice of a life partner in order that you do not thread same path as I did when I was younger. One thing you should know is that you will forever be surrounded by your peers who feels they can explore as soon as they hit puberty. It is now left for you to make your first utmost decision in life, to either ignore them or join them and I pray God gives you the wisdom to discern the good from the bad.

Don’t believe other ladies that say all men are heartless, no they are not because your father ain’t heartless. However I won’t want you to be blinded from the truth that some men are way better than others, that is why you need to have a strong relationship with God in order for you to be led by the holy spirit to make a sound decision when it comes to entering a relationship.

Dearest daughter, there is no specific age for any lady to be in a relationship because it all depends on personal choice as I can’t tell you that is when you are 18 or 20 years of age that you should reason relationship. You know what you want in life and you know that there are certain sacrifices you have to make to to achieve your dream.

In your quest to marry early please do not make the wrong decision and accept the first man you meet and in your quest to be independent please do not make the mistake of discarding the best man God has given you.

Remember is not all relationship that eventually leads to marriage and I pray you don’t jump from one relationship to the other in the search of the perfect relationship because there is none. It takes both parties to nurture and strengthen a relationship. The best role model you need in order to understand the minds of men is your dad, that was why I took the pain of waiting for God’s own candidate for me and it was really worth it after the stress and heartache I experienced as a result of been in wrong relationships.

You will definitely see how beautiful your daddy treats me and definitely that is how yours will treat you and as such you need to be watchful of tell tale signs when you are dating someone. A man doesn’t just turn abusive or violent overnight, you will surely know if he is violent, only if you are ready and willing to pray to God for wisdom. If peradventure you meet such a man that shows slight provocative actions, do not hesitate to flee because am not ready to cry for you or bury you. In such situations, you have to make the best decisions of walking away from such relationship because a broken relationship is better than a broken marriage.

There is a saying that a dog doesn’t go back to its vomit, thus if you find yourself in a situation where an ex wants you back, you need to know if he is worth it or if he just wants a last fling with you as his ultimate aim of trying to deceive you, because trust me there are guys like that. At that point, my beloved, be careful not to take rash decisions and monitor him to know why he wants you back and don’t just jump into starting a relationship with him again. Let him win your trust and love again even if its gonna take a long time because he just may be the one for you.

Sex in a relationship is one big question, as people reason that it is a personal choice but what I will tell you is that you be guided by what the bible tells you. Your relationship with God will help you make the right decision on that score.

I love you so much dearest unborn daughter and we will sure gonna have a swell time because I want you to see me as your best friend because not all daughters see their mums as a best friend. I want to be the first person you will call when you are in a fix, confuse or happy.

Love from your best friend…Your Mum..


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