Becoming A Pro…


Entrepreneurship could be stumbled on depending on situations around an individual. Could be as a result of getting tired of sitting at home, day in and day out or you are tired of your present job that doesn’t satisfy you financially despite the time, energy and number of hours you have put on the job.

I for one believe that every individual is restless especially when they get to that point of comparing themselves with their fellow friends. It was that stage I found myself when I finally made up my mind to think of another source of income. The big question became what can I do that won’t affect my present job? Of course the thought that came into my mind was buying and selling because then I felt anyone into business is obviously doing buying and selling, I never knew there were different facets of a business.

Well, I delved into buying and selling, and instead of the regular selling ladies wear, I decided to go into dealing with men wears just because I didn’t need the stress attached to dealing with women and I felt men are easy to do business with. I was able to establish a cash and carry policy because I needed to restock as soon as my goods get exhausted. However I gave my colleague’s opportunity of paying back as soon as salary is paid, with this was able to encourage them to patronise me.

One thing I also took into consideration was the quality of the wears. Due to the fact that I was opportune to have families and friends in US and UK, what I was doing was to order online, and get my goods delivered to my families’ residence and they helped to ship down for those that don’t ship to Nigeria. It was really amazing how it picked up from trying to understand the business and establishing myself as a pro in it.

In fact, ladies started pleading with me to think of selling female wears which I eventually did. Now don’t get it twisted, the beginning was tough because I had to do something I never thought I could do which was marketing. I never thought I would ever see myself marketing a product for any company but I saw myself doing that for mine. I used to tell people I don’t have marketing skills but I saw myself doing so well marketing my goods. The truth is everyone has in him/her what it takes to excel in wherever he/she find themselves.

The business kept growing while I was still diligent in my paid job, I was able to combine both because of my determination despite the stress that accompanied it. I found myself selling to people I always envied, those working in banks, advertising and the oil and gas.

Right now am thinking of taking it to another level by creating an online shop which is still in progress. This idea was borne out of the requests I do get from people wanting to get my stocks but they find it difficult due to location.

My advice to people who are now in the restless state, wanting to earn more at the end of the month, first is to understand yourself, what you derive joy in doing and what can people know you for. Everyone in my office and even close friends knows am a sucker for a well-dressed guy. I love seeing smartly dressed men and I extended it to females because I love looking good and I know good quality when I see one.

If I hadn’t embarked on this, I still would have been managing my one source of income and still praying for a better job but right now what I pray to God for is to bless the work of my hands while also blessing where am still working because they have always supported me.


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