That is a borrowed title from one of my favorite writers, hope it’s not pirating,? Okay, let’s get started, would like to write about the medical aspect of knowing yourselves medically before you say I do, this is because most of the medical issues in marriages could have been prevented with just a little as a medical checkup, so both parties know what they are in for.

Guess we are all familiar with Genotype, Blood group, and screening test to detect blood-transmitted diseases, such as HIV, HEPATITIS B AND C VIRUSES, and VDRL for syphilis. Even though some couples still go ahead to get married despite knowing they have got issues, its okay because they both know what they are getting into.

Now, let’s get a bit deeper with this pre-marital testing in respect to infertility especially in Men, it has been believed from the onset that women are the infertile ones in a fruitless marriage, but with my recent experiences as a Laboratory Scientist, the rate of male to female infertility is equalizing, probably due to lack of awareness by the male species on how to take care of their power bank. So let us face it, would it be right for a man to do a simple sperm count before marriage? Yes!!! because its not a big deal, the woman should also check her hormones just so is not one sided.

Semen analysis is very important because it is the sperm cells that actually fertilizes the female egg, and most males have low sperm count, some have none at all, this condition is known as Azoospermia, it takes a long time to be corrected, and most males wait for their wives to go through all the family, society, and even numerous visits to the gynecologist alone before they agree to do the test, it will save both parties unnecessary stress if our men will agree to do the semen analysis before marriage, just my opinion.

I know is a hard one because men got ego and their ability to reproduce is a vital part of their masculinity, therefore, most times they will rather believe everything is right with them.

As for my sisters, we should not wait till it is time to say ‘I do’ before doing our annual hormonal check up and even do a scan to ensure our reproductive system are good because all these issues can be easily corrected with early detection.

It is very important to check if our reproductive organs are intact, and also to check if our blood is compatible, so we can save ourselves the stress of all the dramas the unpleasant surprise will bring when married.



Photo Credit: Google/shutterstock


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