Ese’s Chronicles…Episode 1

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EeeeeeSssssssEeee…Eseeeeeeee…Eseogheneeeeee…hmm wia dis girl don enter, I don kukuma tia for ha wahala make madam Rosa come carry ha go Lagos, weda she go get sens small.

Mama you call me? asked Ese, no I no call u, na ur useless teacha I call, so u hear your name abi? Nai u no run come, u wan make my voice crack first abi? Comon run go peel the yam for ‘Ukodo’(A native spicy dish made with yam and common with the Urhobos), cos madam Rosa dey come dis evening.


Ahh mama Ese, migwor, long time no see ooo..ahh vwredo omo mee…..e don rily tey, hope you dey hear from your Aunty, my good friend? Yes ma..she dey fine, she even travel go America. Ehhhen…no b small tin o…abeg if u see am greet am for me.

Ehen what of Ese? She don know say she go folo me go Lagos? Asked Madam Rose, hmm my dear, I don tel am but she tink say na London una dey go because she don tell efrybody for the full Oghara say she go even enta eloplane..hahaha laughed Madam Rose, chai dis girl no go kill person o..ehen, she sabi work abi? And sabi respect person? Ahh yes, Ese try for that one but she dey sabi quick vex but no mind am, she go respect you and oga and help you for the house and with your pikins dem.

Ok ma, I go come very early to pick Ese den we go begin dey go Lagos. Make you no miss ha o? And take good care of yourself. Ok o I don hear, you don do well for me…to-de.(which is goodnight in Urhobo)


Ese, welcome to Lagos and this is my home, announced madam rose with all pride as she stood in front of her duplex which is in one of the choiced areas in Lekki. Hmm aunty yur house fine no b small…if the front be like dis how d inside go com be? Asked Ese and in reply, Madam rose laughed and told her to come in and see for herself.

Ese got in and was amazed how beautiful the inside of the compound was. The gate was opened for them by Yakubu who seems to like Ese the moment he laid his eyes on her as he was eager to help her take her bag but Ese misunderstood the help and shouted at him,…come on run comot for hia… for daybreak like dis you dey wan tiff? You don see where tiff dey tiff from tiff?

Kai wetin u come mean kwo..sey I dey am for make I hep u carry ur bag nai u dey shout for me kwo..walahi na me be the oga for here o and I fit do dem go sack u…you hear am from me abi..

Madam rose who had already stepped inside the house and was waiting for Ese had to come out to know what has been keeping Ese outside and found her arguing with the gateman. She quickly intervened as she needed to give Ese directives before her husband returns from work.


To Be Continued…



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