Cancer…Against All Odds

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February 4 was celebrated worldwide being world cancer’s day and survivors have been posting updates of how they fought cancer and reading about it one could feel the joy radiating from them writing about it, however others were talking about waiting for death day because their case has been termed terminal and some have giving up hope of fighting probably due to family given up on them as a result of lack of funds to help them fight the disease.

The dreaded disease that does not respect your prestige, position, affluence and your bank accounts. At first, cancer was categorized as being hereditary but now it surpasses that due to the kind of environment we now live in, the type of lifestyle we are into and the kinda food we eat.

Have been trying to  write about it after I stumbled on Triple G boss, Ubi Franklin’s post on his Instagram handle where he was encouraging his followers to support a certain lady in their own little way rather than buying him a gift for his 30th birthday. Out of curiosity, I went to the lady’s page on Instagram and I was amazed to see a strong woman who is seriously fighting cancer. She has been fighting cancer since December 2011, she survived breast cancer stage IV but apparently the cancerous cells spread to some organs in her body and thus making her still in war with the dreaded disease but I have faith she will overcome.

I cried when I saw her photos that depicted the struggles she has being facing but was amazed on how happy she was despite the pains and stress she must be experiencing as a result of the gravity of the disease. Against all odds this lady is still pushing strong, educating people on the importance of early detection and above all having faith in God to survive the storms.

Cancer is so deadly and wicked that some people now wish to have HIV rather than have cancer, can you beat that? I believe we will overcome soonest because there was a time HIV was like a death sentence but now, people can comfortably live with it even though there isn’t any known cure for it now. I appreciate scientists globally who are working tirelessly to get a cure for these dreadful diseases and I implore all to live a healthy life because that is the little we can do while trusting God for good health.

Please, it will be nice and thoughtful if everyone can show their support to Idiangbonya Osarere Deborah in her fight against cancer, no amount is too small.

I just donated even though I don’t know her personally likewise she knowing me but I know is for a good cause, so I beg everyone reading this post to do same and God in his infinite mercies will reward those that deem it fit to assist her. Why not do it like a thanksgiving seed to God for the gift of life that you are healthy and not in the hospital?

For more information on how to assist please visit her Instagram handle @debbified. Please be very sure you are accessing her real Instagram handle as some fraudsters are claiming to be her.

God bless you as you do so.



Photo Credit: Google


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