Agege Bread Seller And Her Destiny Helper



I listened to a gospel message by a female South African minister, Rev Lucy Natasha and she really inspired me and geared me to strategised the way I pray to God and also the kinda requests I asked of him. Even after listening to the message and meditating on it, I didn’t get the motivation to write about it till I read the full report on the bread seller who has become an internet sensation after coincidentally walking into the set of Ty Bello’s photo shoot for Thisday magazine in Sabo Yaba.

Just that meeting alone has changed her life forever. After reading her story, I understood completely what pastor Lucy was talking about in the message I have earlier listened to. Ty Bello was her destiny helper, even when people were telling her to leave the set as she was confused, Ty told her to stay if she is comfortable with it and she did and her pictures became a hit. There are people looking for that breakthrough, some are sleeping their way to get it, but this was someone that was just out to make sure she sells enough bread to get a substantial profit unknown to her that fate will smile upon her.

Profound lesson learned from her story was the fact that she wasn’t lazy, she didn’t sit down to blame anyone for how life has been treating her rather she was eager to go out to do something that will ease the burden off her husband as she is a married woman with 2 kids. She was trained to be a hairdresser but didn’t have the funds to pay her freedom from where she did her apprenticeship, let alone set up a beauty salon. Seeing the odds against her she had to look for another way to make ends meet while she kept nurturing her dream of being a hairdresser one day.


She was also ready to move out of her comfort zone because we learned she had to move from Osun state to Lagos state for the greener pastures. Coming to Lagos , she definitely never envisions herself meeting a renowned photographer, let alone been made up my a top notch makeup artist, Bimpe Onakoya and also being featured on the cover page of one of the most read newspaper in Nigeria. She just took each day as it comes and probably hoping for a breakthrough.

She is indeed a fighting woman. Some of us right now knows where we wanna be, but because we don’t have the resources to be there or know someone that can help us get there, we prefer to be laid back, enjoying the comfort zone created by ourselves and have this ideology that God can bless us wherever we are and yes he can but first we need to show that we want to be blessed. Of course, we can do all things through Christ we strengthen us, but I want you to know that God blesses us through people. He won’t come down from heaven to give you a job, he will use someone and the question should be where will that person see me? The person can come in the form of just anyone, after all, Naaman got his healing through his house help who told him about the prophet Elisha.

A man gave a testimony in church recently how he was just a security guard in an advertising company but loves artworks. The MD of the company never knew that his security guard is exceptional in graphics and art designs until he saw the young man’s displayed work in Eko hotel and inquiring about the artist behind the painting discovered it was his own security guard. That singular work gave the security guard promotion from being a security guard to been a permanent staff as one of the company’s graphic designers and this young man isn’t even a graduate rather a school cert holder who was looking for a way to earn money to pursue his degree.

Truthfully what most people are looking for is the opportunity and nothing beats given an opportunity. I wrote about how opportunity is at its best when someone is given a platform. To understand more, Kindly read HERE

Rev Lucy also made mention of how we should treat people we come across daily and we shouldn’t treat them arrogantly but show kindness to whoever you meet as you never know who will be your destiny helper or even connect you to your destiny helper.

To get the full story on Jumoke, kindly click HERE



Photo Credit: @tybello


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