Chinwe’s Adventures…Cont’d


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While working as a minder I came across the advert for a hotel in need of workers, I applied with hopes of expecting a call for an interview soon while continuing my minder work in school. Back in school was this Mr Jabo a single parent who hails from Delta state. Each time he came to drop or pick his son I always noticed how he looks at him. This made me more curious and decided to get closer to his son who was in primary (basic) 3.

The young man downloaded all the information I needed, about his mum not staying with the dad and how he gets to see her during some weekend or better still during the holidays, he further told me that his dad said he wants to get another woman to marry(this last part got me thinking all day and week). l clearly remembered on a Friday after school, at about 4pm when i was leaving the school premises, A Camry pulled up at my side where I was waiting for a commercial bus. The next I saw was smiling Mr Jabo coming out with excitement written all over his face. I looked around to confirmed if there were teachers around even though we weren’t around the school premises, because i certainly don’t wanna lose my job since it is forbidden for staff to be seen with parents outside the school vicinity except in rare cases.

This made me feel free standing with him. He then offered that we go somewhere calm if I wasn’t in a hurry. ( oh men, I no dey hurry anywhere) Off we went to a calm place and quite reserved if i must say. That day I got to know that having money is a good thing. See as I dey order for snail and gizzard then fresh fish pepper soup, like say my salary fit afford am. Mr Jabo obviously not educated spoke the little grammar he could speak while I listened and later became distracted when I received  a text message on my mobile phone inviting me for the interview of the hotel I applied for.

With a beautifully coined excuse from school, I went for the interview, and there I met different guys and girls alike, all hoping to be called for the job when ready. I also got to know of another hotel that wanted the services of workers which immediately I decided I was going to apply for.

From the words used by some applicants, it was clear that they have hotel experiences and this weakened me(I no go lie). Three weeks after I applied in the second hotel I got a text message for an interview and like God will have it, it fell on a public holiday of which my madam added two days and officially made it mid term break. It turned out well as i was further invited for some sort of training. By the end of the term, I knew I won’t be joining them to resume the next session.

When people say “mind your business”, I can bet you that is only a hotel worker that knows the meaning of that word. My new life in the hotel was a “strictly mind your business” work, especially where the customers and their guests are involved. When I started working, I was stationed to rotate between housekeeping and restaurant duties.

There was this particular man, a guy I’ll rather say. His physical look was tempting enough that one will always wonder how endowed he was “below”. Each time he comes in, he was always nice to the receptionists and always give “tips” to people who does one service or the other for him, so I heard; Also heard he’s a regular customer of the hotel. One thing I noticed about Mr Nice guy was that, he always come to lodge with beautiful girls ( 3 or 4 girls a week). On two different occasions, I had passed the corridor where Mr Nice guy lodged, and heard the screaming or moaning (as oyibo man call am) from his room.

I became curious to know how good he was to have two different girls making such a noise. A week after, while lazying in the reception as there was nothing to do at the restaurant, Mr Nice guy came in with a more matured lady and didn’t hesitate to tell us that at last his fiancee whom he’s missed all these while was finally able to pay him a visit. She indeed felt like a fiancee, with a wide grin. We all looked, smiled and welcomed her. Each of us with same thoughts I guess. He called the kitchen few minutes after to order for food, this I gladly sent to him when it was prepared. Before tapping on the door, smiling fiancee was already giggling and I delayed just a little to hear more of it.

It was then I started nursing  the idea of “riding” Mr Nice guy, especially reasoning the fact  that he was always generous with some “tips” which he didn’t fail to give me as I was about leaving the room. Every customer of ours had one thing or the other we used in knowing them. Either we obviously know they are married or we know the fact that they come in with different chics every now and then. Even the ones who do the “laptop” business if you know what I mean, everyone operates the “mind your business” policy and we treat them as nice as we can. This policy is usually more difficult especially when a familiar face you know from home walks in with a lady. Had a scenario like that and the guy knowing we were on a “lip sealed” segment, acted normal like he never knew me. ‘As I no wan loose the job,’ I respect my old age and gave a blind eye too.

Lest I forget, I finally did ride ‘Mr Nice guy’ and wow the guy was extremely good but after 2 rounds I became tired but Mr Nice guy wasn’t, in fact i started thinking of what to do and quickly thought of faking orgasms which eventually made him reach his end point. ‘chai i cannot come and go and die o’. He later gave me 50k and that got my mouth open because I certainly wasn’t expecting that. I didn’t say a word to anybody, which is our policy among the staffs,“You can commit but don’t be caught”

To the big men and politicians who comes in with different babes, the “laptop” guys who obviously lie to their chics and the annoying wannabe’s ‘wey person dey take eye see’, i give thumbs up because they all make the hotel job more interesting.

So far all is going smoothly and exciting in the hotel and I do hope more adventures will spring up for me to share with you guys.



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