Perks Of Mobile Phone

The importance of mobile phone in recent time can not be over emphasize. Over the years communication gap has been bridged due to the existence of mobile phones as people can now reach their loved ones, socialize, play games, conduct business, research and likewise make payment for goods and services among other benefits of its usage when subscribed to an internet service.

In as much that mobile phones have created a positive and easy way of life, it also has its shortcomings socially and medically. Youths tend to find it difficult interacting with age group face to face, doing their home works and in helping out in the home, rather they find it convenient using their phone to play games, interacts with online friends through different social media platforms.

Social media platforms which can now be easily accessible due to internet services on their mobile phones have given room for dubious relationships that have made some other individuals weary of it. People now tend to abuse it in the sense that one’s private pictures or conversations can be sent online if the mobile phone is found in the wrong hands and pictures saved are now made public. Never the less some people have benefited from this same social media platforms because with just your mobile device, you can advertise your goods and service on the different social media platforms and also some individuals have testified of meeting their spouse on social media.

Also, teenagers, these days have been seen in possession of different types of mobile phones with some being too expensive and this could actually cause comparison and inferiority complex among peers as the teen from an average background would want the same type of phone for his/her use. The spirit of contentment would have disappeared from the mind of such a teenager. Parents should always make it a point of duty not to pay for internet service for their kid’s phones because kids tend to stray from the very essence phone was given to them, which is communication and find themselves browsing pornography sites which we know is very easy to access.

More so, commuters have been in danger of being hit by moving cars due to having an ear piece on their ears while walking down the road. Medically it had created life-threatening cases as it is usually not advisable to make or receive calls while the phone is being charged or when in a petrol station due to wave transmission which could have a detrimental effect on an individual.

Despite the fact that everyone loves using the mobile phones and also listening to music saved on the device, it has been advised by medical practitioners that prolong usage of earpiece can cause slow deafening stage which can result in an individual going deaf even before hitting advanced age. Am guilty of having earpiece on while walking down the road and I have almost gotten hit by a motorcyclist who was on a top speed, but I knew that though he was wrong to be on a top speed in a residential area, I was also wrong in using my earpiece connected to my phone while walking down the road.

I read some time ago about a certain Ghanaian lady that died due to electrocution from her phone, she died due to ignorance or maybe I should term it carelessness because she had an earpiece in her ear while charging her phone through the use of power bank that was connected to a power socket, and she placed the phone on her chest. Apparently there was a power outage and she forgot to unplug the power blank, thus when power was return, the surge of electric waves from the power source electrocuted her and she died.

However with the varying problems associated with mobile phone usage, the advantages still outweighs the disadvantages as the disadvantages can be curtailed if one is extremely cautious.

Do you think am right about that? Or you have your own opinion, please do share in the comment section.


Kacchiz (Kcz)

Photo Credit: Google


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