How Are You Expressing Love?


Okay, this is the season of love and was so glad that February 14, which is dubbed Valentine’s day fell on Sunday, so glad to have pushed my way to church despite feeling lazy and tired. Well, I went and it was awesome. Everyone was once again enlightened on the understanding of the God kind of love which is the Agape love.

So many people have been carried away by the different meanings of love that is why we now see marriages breaking and relationships failing just because we do misunderstand the concept of love.

There are three (3) well-known types of love, namely;
A. Agape
B. Philos
C. Eros

Each of them express love in different ways. One of the them deals with physical chemistry, sexual chemistry. Loving someone for what you can get from the person and that type of love is termed ‘Eros‘ and is also from Eros the word Erotic/Erotica stemmed from. You are only thinking about the desire of the flesh, thoughts of romance but when that desire begins to fade you start getting tired , you don’t fancy him/her anymore. Everyone can develop feelings but the big question will be who are you developing the feelings for and is it reciprocated?

Agape love is the God kind of love, the Greeks explained it as the type of love that only the gods can express to you but that doesn’t mean, we as humans can feel it from our fellow humans because the bible made us to understand that we are gods being children of the most high God. Psalm, 82:6 (KJV). This shows us in essence that we can have a Christ-like love, though is not easy but there are people who can show us that type of love if we can look beyond Philos and Eros type of love. As it is often said that a man that has the fear of God in him, won’t let you down, rather will stay with you to the very end.

Agape love is unconditional, doesn’t change, doesn’t demand, doesn’t give and expect to receive. Is a love that wants you to enjoy and be happy in your marriage, relationship and even friendship. A love that transcends physical and sexual feelings because when those fades away, it remains to sustain you and help you overcome all your worries.

Deeper understanding will show you that Philos kind of love is that which exist between friends, that is why you see people having best friends, you hear people saying “he is like a brother to me, she is my sister  from another mother”. Is a type of love that exist among brethren in church but most times this type of love though wonderful could go sour when test against difficult situations .

Eros love is based on the strong feeling we have for one another and it usually develops during the 1st stage of a romantic relationship. It is based on the physical traits. You hear words like I love you because you are so beautiful, I love you because you remind me of my mother, because you are an angel, because you always smile and you are very intelligent. The romantic feeling common in “Eros love” is natural, and an important part of a relationship between a man and a woman. Romance also plays a role in strengthening the bonds, especially at the start of a relationship. This is part of God’s plan. What we need to be careful of is assuming a relationship must be “real love” just because it is romantic, because all we feel is happiness. As with most anything in life, we must learn to use both our heart and mind to judge if something is real.

A Philos love can develop into Agape love which is why people believe that relationship that develops after being friends with the person stand test of time because they have taken time to know each other well as friends . Philos love is higher than Eros love, but like Philos, Eros can also develop into Agape love, and this is made possible if both parties are willing and ready to transcend to that level and it takes two matured individuals who have the fear of God in them to make that happen.

 “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13 (KJV)”



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