Social Media and Celebrity Feud….


Seriously some people are actually enjoying the liberties of social media, especially celebrities and it seems this is the year for celebrities all over the world to express themselves through social media. Some of this expression are due to the promotion of their brands which I will term uncalled for.

Apparently some of my friends knew about the drama Kanye West has been acting on twitter and I have been in the dark, hmm me that love entertainment news, lol. Well back to the discussion. Kanye’s new album will be coming out soon and the only way he feels he can promote it is to show his irrelevant self on twitter castigating and criticizing people. From Wiz Khalifa to Ray J, his wife’s ex-lover and even his own family Kylie and now to Taylor Swift.

Now people can’t take it anymore and are now pouring their venom on him. The worst part was him claiming he is cool with Taylor and that Taylor wasn’t bothered that he mentioned her in one of his track titled ‘Famous’ where he was saying he feels him and Taylor might still have sex, and claiming ‘I made that b*tch famous’ in his new song. Really? She did not mind that you use offensive words on her in your track? He even went as far as saying his wife Kim was cool with it and gave her blessings and that got me screaming WTF!!!! So your wife gave her blessings for you to insult a fellow independent woman like she is and she doesn’t see anything wrong in you calling her fellow lady a bitch and also cool that you are thinking of having sex with the lady in question? Well if so they are both so lame.

He is even damn sure Kylie won’t accept the endorsement deal from Puma that he was ranting about on twitter for.Hmm am not sure momager Kris will tolerate that if truly Puma wanna make Kylie a brand ambassador. A good business can’t be dumped just because of one’s selfish acts. Well if truly there is a deal brewing and she succumbs to Kanye’s pressure then Kim would have pleaded with her to do as Kanye wants as it seems Kim worship the very ground Kanye walks on and Kanye, on the other hand, knows the Kardashian-Jenner family have strong family values and are close knitted.

Davido closed last year social media madness with his baby mama drama, Olamide started this year with headies drama and early February saw five well-respected ladies in Nollywood industry dishing their own drama with Chioma Akpotha saying sisters are not always sisters referring to Uche Jumbo, Ufuoma McDermott, Omoni Oboli and Blessing Egbe . Well Chioma did clarify the drama later on saying the message was misunderstood, but then words has already been said and some days later, same Chioma was promoting a new movie starring some of the ladies she was dissing earlier on. That was when it dawned on everyone that maybe it was a just promotion for the upcoming movie. Seriously!! Must you promote that way?

Last year a musician called Skiibii, claimed to be dead just to promote his new released music and I wonder how far he is doing in his music career, maybe when next he want to produced another track he will claim resurrection from the dead.smh

No one is depriving anyone from self promotion but I think there is a decent way of promoting a movie or song or album as the case maybe and also there is a limit to how one behaves online especially when it has to do with you attacking another person. Like I said it seems this is the year of social media madness and we are still in the first quarter, more to come I guess. Well, let it keep flowing while we sit down and relax despite the ever increasing dollar rate in our dear Naija, a discussion for another day.



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