Ese’s Chronicles…Episode 3

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Nathalieeeee….shuo wia dis pikin dey, bobo did you saw your senior sister, asked Ese to madam Rose’s second child and first son, whose real name is Tejiri but fondly referred to as bobo by Ese. Bobo isn’t you the one am talking to? Repeated ESE as Tejiri didn’t pay attention to her rather to his video game he was playing. Tejiri replied saying, Aunty ese, I have pleaded with you enough to stop calling me bobo or Tejiri, only my dad and mum is allowed to call me that and besides I don’t know where Nathalie is.

Heey exclaimed ESE, I don suffer, so na me you dey warn abi? I don turn your mate wen you dey correct? Ok o no wahala na condition make crayfish bend.hmm na wa o me ESE, nai 8yrs old boy dey wan, ok nau.

Ehen Nathalie, where u go since wen I dey find you for the full house? You forget say you suppoz wash the plates wen you and and your brothers take, chop abi e get house help wen you put for house?

Nathalie didn’t give heed to ESE as she was busy painting her toenails. ESE went to where she was sitting and drew her ear which led to Nathalie screaming and demanded why Ese will do that, You dey ask me wetin dey do me? Why you no ansa me wen I call you abi craze dey wory you? You c me keep quiet wen your mama dey cal me? So why you come kip quiet like mumu.

Make you and your brodas no dey provoke me o cos if I enta una two ehen, na convulsion una go just get kpakam, and before I open my eyes and close it you have disapid to the kitchen, nonsense girl, replied Ese.

Ahh TJ and Kevwe, mummy is back, Nathalie screamed as she could see her mum driving into the compound. I can’t wait to report that village girl called Ese to her, how dare she call me nonsense, in my father’s house.

Madam rose’s three kids all ran out to welcome their mum with Kevwe, the last child and son, helping his mum with her bag and the groceries purchased while Nathalie couldn’t wait to dish her the latest in the house. Getting inside the house, Nathalie went on to narrate her fight with Ese after her mum has finished drinking the glass of water brought to her by TJ.

Mummy, you won’t believe what Ese did to me, she practically beat me up just for no reason, said Nathalie, she went as far as calling me names like nonsense girl, stupid girl. Please mum, I want you to send her back to the village because Lagos is not for her, continued Nathalie.

Hmm Nathalie, that is not true, I was there or have you forgotten? Kevwe interjected. Kevwe continued defending Ese. Will you shut up your mouth, TJ cut in or are you now saying Nathalie could be lying? Mum Nathalie is 100% right, Ese even threatened to knock me on my head just because I didn’t hear when she came into the living room…

After listening to her kids, madam Rose sent for Ese who has been in the kitchen preparing dinner. Ese quickly ran out to meet her and genuflected before her. Eseoghene, is it true you abuse my kids with bad words and also knocked TJ on his head?

Ah ah Aunty na lie be that o, replied Ese. I be dey look for Nathalie and I don shout her name many times she no ansa, I reach parlor come see TJ dey play game. I ask am if e see e sister, e no ansa me and wen e come later ansa wen I don shout e name e come dey warn me say make I no dey call am bobo or TJ as you and uncle dey call am. I kukuma come leave am go find Nathalie, wen I see nathalie, I come ask am why she no ansa me wen I don dey shout e name for the full house, she no ansa me, she jus dey paint her leg. I come draw her ear say why she keep me silent and why she Neva wash the plates wen e n her brodas dey chop. Na wetin happen be that o and yes I call ha nonsense girl but me no call am stupid and I no knock TJ for e head as e talk o.

Madam rose looked from TJ to Nathalie and could sense they were guilty of lying against Ese and Kevwe was equally right. She then told Ese not to be offended. I no vex o, but the tin wen dey pain me na why dem go dey insult me wen I no dey insult you and uncle? For the plenty years wen I take senior them, dem no fit call me Aunty Ese? And them go dey laff me if I speak engrish. Na even dat one pain me pass because as dem dey laff me, shame come dey catch me to dey speak am, and if I no speak am how I wan take know am? Ese replied.

Now kids, I called all three of you to my room to tell you how displease I am with you guys. Ese is not an House help but someone to assist all of us in the house. At this age you guys are already dishing out chronic lies and on no account should you Nathalie leave dirty dishes in the kitchen after you guys have finished eating and you all should desist from mocking her whenever she speaks English in the house, is that clear? Yes, mummy replied her kids in unison. She then instructed them to go and apologise to ESE after they told her they were sorry.

The three of them went to Ese’s room to apologise and Nathalie spoke on behalf of her siblings, Aunty Ese, please we are very sorry about the way we behaved to you today and promised that it won’t happen again and also we are ready to help you master the act of speaking good and clear English. Ese was so happy because they have realised their mistakes and she thanked them.


To be continued….



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