Access Bank Why!!!!!

reI have never been a fan of Access bank, nor like to be associated with it, even when it was once known as Intercontinental bank, those days. Unfortunately, I had no choice than to have an account with them as it became my salary account.

Have been managing their service which I would term just okay but what provoked me to openly write about them, is the way I have been illegally charged through false SMS Debit alert charges. It all started December last year and mehn it wasn’t funny. I remembered how furious my colleague was as he kept lamenting that Access bank is debiting him unnecessarily and each alert shows a reduction of his money lodged in the account. =N= 40 was debited 8times, totaling =N=320 and when he told me I was shocked and I really felt bad for him and told him to follow up on it, not knowing I will experience mine the following day. However was debited just twice. Well every kobo in my account counts, so decided to lodge a complaint and noticed I wasn’t the only one or my colleague having the issues. You needed to see the crowd in front of the customer desk section that fateful day.

After apologizing and claiming technical error, they promised it will be reverted and we went home expecting it, which finally came a week later. Whew!!!!, at last it is over, but it wasn’t the case for me because this past January, they debited me twice again and the total sum was =N=154 and they claimed it was SMS debit alert charges, but seriously how much is bank allowed to charge for SMS alert? Till this date, it hasn’t been reverted.

I recharged my phone through their mobile platform, the transaction didn’t go through but was debited, complained to them and they assured me it will be reverted which am still waiting for despite this happening January.

Due to this, I quickly resolved to transfer the little cash left to my GTB account, got a new ATM card because I had blocked my previous one. I narrated my experience to a friend and told her of the decision I made in transferring all cash to GTB and she categorically told me GTB is worse and I was like seriously? Don’t tell me I have moved from frying pan to fire? Well, I haven’t experienced any foul play from them and if I do, then I will take the next step.

She told me there are people complaining about it and we were wondering how it will be resolved only for a friend to send me a picture later in the day that showed that  CBN has actually discovered the illegal ways banks are exhorting money from their customers through unnecessary charges.


I remembered I asked some Access bank staff if they were debited like we have been complaining and they all said no, so why us? I thought they said charity begins at home? In fact the president is going too far fighting this “kwarapshun”, let him visit the banks because the “kwarapshun” there is something else and we sure need EFCC for them.

So please if you know someone at the top that can help, kindly come to my aid..Tenkyiu.





2 thoughts on “Access Bank Why!!!!!

  1. My sister na all the banks, The only thing be sa CBN too no get explanation the money wen them recover from banks as excess charges why them never return am to customers? Is it not a case of a bigger looter looting from the small looter ,


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