Reno Omokri Giving Me The Vibes!!!

I love epic response so much and the person giving me the vibes presently is Reno Omokri, former special assistant to the former president, Goodluck  Jonathan. Seriously is not expected of you to always responds to someone’ tweet if you don’t understand the topic on discussion, and even though you are allowed to offer your opinion, it is advisable to get facts right before doing that in order to save yourself the embarrassment that will sure come afterwards.

Reno Omokri tweeted that within one year of office, the former president GEJ built some universities in some listed states and a Twitter user wanted proof that GEJ actually built one of them. See the twitter conversation below;

Now read Reno’s reply to this question and also proof to back up his previous statement.

Another scenario saw Reno Omokri tweeting about what is going on with respect to power supply and a twitter user who obviously didn’t take enough time to understand what Reno was saying quickly lashed at him and Reno’s response was hilarious.

Reno’s hilarious response got me laughing so hard chaiiii

Please before you lash at someone, check yourself very well, this is very important.




A Cry For Our Young Ladies…

Sexual abuse on teens especially on the females is increasing daily and it is really disheartening. Teachers abusing students, teenage boys abusing little girls and then the worse is fathers harassing their daughters.

The Recent case of a teacher in Queen’s college under investigation is what has got people talking as one of the student’s mother have openly complained about the sexual harassment of the school’s biology teacher, Mr Olaseni Oshifala . Is so surprising that this teacher has been engaging in this wicked acts for a long time and hasn’t been reprimanded because he has the backing of one of the vice principal who always shield him from such reports. A lady narrated how scared her daughter was when she called her on the phone that the teacher has been harassing her and the mother had to pay a visit to the school but to her surprise, the vice principal refused to investigate the matter or get the man questioned. The vice principal even went as far as saying nothing can make the teacher leave the school and if anyone will be leaving the school, it would be the daughter. Can you imagine what a sane woman would say? Why not do a thorough investigation first? The good thing is past students have actually concurred to the lady’s allegations despite the school management denying the allegations against them.

Read a story recently of how an 18years old Indian girl has been sexually abused for good four years by her father and her mother didn’t believe her all along rather claimed it was a made up story. How can a mentally fit daughter sit down and cook up fake stories concerning her father? The lady in question had to film the assault just to prove to her mum that she was right all these while and, of course, to punish the father for molesting her for a long time. I really wonder how the mum would have felt after watching the illicit video. Because she would have saved her daughter after the first incidence in the first year but she chose not to investigate and besides like the popular saying, “there is no smoke without fire and we all know that in every rumour, lies an atom of truth”, so why not go an extra mile?

There are stories of the house helps we allow into our home, molesting the kids when their parents are not around and going as far as threatening them if they are thinking of reporting them to their parents. One needs to be very careful when bringing in house helps. A lady narrated of how the openness between her and her mum helped her to escape abuse from their houseboy then. The houseboy tried penetrating into her in an attempt to explain to her that there is another use of her vagina apart from to wee as her mother had told her and she cried out in pain. The idiot even went as far as saying he will show her later and it won’t pain her. She had to ask her mum to explain the other use of her “wee wee” as her mum usually call it when referring to her vagina, and the mum wondering why she asked, had to probe further only to find out that her houseboy is having plans of molesting her daughter and she had to send him out of her house.

Let’s help our women of tomorrow, let’s help them to have the best childhood in order not to have a physiological imbalance with regards to the opposite sex and also lacking self-esteem as most ladies that had an abused life growing up, do show traits of insecurities in later life.



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Living In Lagos….One Chance!!!

Living in Lagos is an adventure on its own. A successful individual in Lagos has at one point in his/her life had struggles when he was sure hustling to make it. There are so many people that can attest to a lesson learnt in living in Lagos.

Was at work and I noticed there was a particular guy I haven’t been seeing for some time at my office complex, and inquiring about him, was told that though he has been hospitalised for a while now, he is getting much better and wondering what went wrong decided to ask further and I was told a shocking story.

He was on his way to work at about 4:50 am, got to the normal bus stop he usually takes a bus from and met two other ladies possibly bankers waiting to board a bus. There is actually a mini park close to where they stood but people don’t like boarding buses from there because is on the high side and most especially it sometimes take a little while before it gets filled up and thus people prefers jumping moving vehicles which are also cheap.

So on this fateful day, luck wasn’t on his side as the bus he flagged down was actually what is called in Lagos as “one chance”. He alongside the two ladies didn’t know until the bus stopped almost in front of a bank and two guys seated at the back, pulled out their guns. That was when it dawned on them that they had fallen easily into the trap of mobile armed robbers.

The driver and the 5 passengers apart from the three innocent passengers all had different types of weapons. They quickly demanded that they give them all valuables and also cash, but they pleaded that they weren’t with any cash. With that information, the robbers proceeded to ask the for their purses and wallets which they provided. They discovered they were in possession of their ATM cards and quickly dragged them from the bus straight to the ATM point and ordered that they empty their account.

The ladies were scared and had to do their bidding but the man among them decided to prove stubborn and claimed he didn’t have his ATM card with him and that the one he had in his wallet belonged to his wife which was true. At first, he claimed he didn’t know the pin and was ordered to call his wife and this was amidst serious beating. He placed a call but his wife wasn’t picking, probably she hadn’t woken up.

They resolved to beat this man blue-black till he confessed he knows the card pin as they could have wondered why will you be carrying an ATM card when you don’t know the pin? After much beating that has led to blood oozing out of him, he finally did provide the pin and they went as far as clearing the account of his wife same way they did with the other two ladies.

After their operation, they left their victims to their fate, and some minutes later, some mobile policemen were spotted and the ladies had to call for help as the man that was beaten has already lost consciousness. They were taken to a hospital where they received immediate treatment, however, the man had to be hospitalised as he sustained serious injuries.

Wow, when I heard this story I was shocked, some guys that was with me when the man’s colleague was narrating the story started insinuating that the man was stupid to have lied in the first place and also wicked not to have gone out with his own ATM card but went out with that of his wife. Some said is pointless to argue with an armed person which is very true.

Now, what do you think???



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The Day Of What If’s!!!!


It was a cloudy morning, and hubby was to go to the airport to pick up his cousin. Like a dutiful wife I wish to be, I enquired if he will eat before going but he declined and said it was too early to eat, and also his cousin was expected to be in the first flight coming in. As a dutiful wife, I asked again if they will be coming home or going straight to the village for the burial of a family member. Hubby assuredly said “NO”. That there will be no need to get home as they were even expected to be in the village the day before for the wake keeping.

No problem, I said and kissed him goodbye. With no plans of going out for the day, I decided to take my time to prepare what I felt I hungered for, “sliced fresh tomatoes stew with rice”, and still in the spirit of “taking my time”, I went into full action preparing my wonderful dish. When it was ready to be eaten, I decided to relax in the sitting room with the doors open allowing the cool breeze to rush in, and then an unexpected but familiar face showed up, lo and behold it was my hubby and his cousin. hmmmm.

I welcomed them in and immediately hubby said; “Oh I love the aroma from the kitchen, please bring some food for us“. After dishing out theirs I had to call hubby aside and ask him, what if there was no food at all? what if I was still preparing the food? Couldn’t you call to say you were on your way? Men will always be men, He apologized and said how a phone call or text or chat just wasn’t in his mind, then went ahead to say thank God food was ready and a well prepared one at that. They left few minutes after eating.

Alone in the house, so many “what if’s” came running through my mind. What if the story of Ese Oruru and Yunusa was a fake, and maybe a dream of Yunusa after he must have watched the movie “Inception”? All we need to do was wake him up or better still make Ese take over the dream. What if Nigeria was actually on the European continent, and we lived our lives just like the British with that accent of theirs? What if the Chibok girls saga was someone playing an “April fool” prank on us and only aiming for Guinness world book of records as the highest and longest prank ever? What if humans actually have the power to fly without wings but are scared to even try because of a folklore story told by our ancestors? What if a woman’s wealth is measured by the length of a strand of her hair.? What if Imeh Bishop was the actual winner of “best actor in a comedy” in the just concluded AMVCA, but the presenters coincidentally have a history of hatred with the Akwa-Ibomites.  What if a child in an unsupervised play drinks fuel which only makes him taller instantly. What if a dollar becomes equivalent to a naira. What if, what if, what if.



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When You Are Remembered By FIRS!!!



I got to the office this morning and started the day with the usual routine. My office happens to have this penthouse view, you could see people coming into the premises from my end. So as I looked out the window I saw this group of people coming in and I could just read their body language, that spoke nothing but insecurity and guilt.

You know that expression of ‘I know am not worthy, but please bear with me because my survival depends on this’ when you are doing something that is not justified and expects or hope to be accepted. Well, I had formed my opinion of them already due to how their visit usually ends in some trivial decisions and as such, had a ready attitude waiting for them. They walked in and I was just busy with my phone while my junior colleague attended to them. They introduced themselves as FIRS ( Federal Inland Revenue Service)officials and went on to enlighten us on VAT and other taxes payable. All this while, I would only look up to steal a glance at their miserable faces, and continue my business with my phone.

Then they made that stupid remark; “oh you make hair here” when our products were glaring at them! That was when I looked up for the longest time and gave them the coldest stare ever, and corrected them with a high pitch tone. Am sure you know what that means? Amazing how rude one can be when irritated!

Well, it happens that they didn’t pick any offence with that, as they were somewhat happy to have finally gotten my attention. They seized the opportunity to lecture us on VAT and other taxes payable. And in the same vein, I used the opportunity to pour my venom on them as well. I had to ask them what they have been doing with all the taxes that employees and employers have been paying all these years. Imagine the amount of money that is being realized from VAT and PAYE from companies both small, medium and large sizes, hotels, restaurants communication companies etc! Is it being invested in Education, Energy, Security, Infrastructures or is it the Power sector that was in a management state before the “Change Administration” took over and it’s now non-existent!

Anyway, I don’t want to bore you more than I have done, with my ordeal with those faithful officers. Hmmm did I just call them faithful? Well, just to cover up the wound. They claimed to be the ones funding most federal school projects and that 20% of the total amount spent on security comes from them. OK ooh we sincerely hope that there is an iota of truth in that!

Finally, I collected their booklet and phone number and promised to relate all to my boss, who will, in turn, get back to them. But I was really happy, they availed me that opportunity to give them a piece of my mind.

After they left, I had to ponder on what the outcome of the visit will be if my boss decides to call them for their services which to an extent is inevitable because all organizations no matter the size has been mandated to always pay tax.

Remembering the experiences of two close buddies of mine really got me worried, because I recalled them saying that the visit from FIRS resulted in their salaries being slashed all in the name of tax deduction. Their management issued a renewed employment letter stating that their salary will no longer be the same rather it will be calculated as after-tax thus explaining the fact that henceforth salaries will be slashed, and no one could question the method by which the calculations will be done. I could remember how worried they were because the salary wasn’t even enough to take care of their living expenses, so they knew with this development, is gonna be worse. Of course, they had to manage as there was no alternative as at then.



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My Two Cent On The Child Bride Issue

So far all the ladies in power have not said anything substantial about the way young female children are being abused through the form of child brides. I haven’t seen anyone give a statement or a press conference about it, nothing.

I read an interview some months ago, and the wife of our president, Mrs Aisha Buhari, mentioned that the office of the first lady ended with late Mrs Maryam Babangida. Obviously she meant it was only the late first lady that actually did excellent works regarding women and I among others believed that she will excel well and also pushed the womenfolk to a greater height in Nigeria but to my surprise I haven’t read any statement or watch her talk about the Ese Oruru’s case amongst other child bride victims. So even if she doesn’t want the office, what about the job?

Senator Remi Tinubu, in January, talked about the fact that the government doesn’t have the affairs of women in their mind and she even went as far as saying this wasn’t the change that they promised. I for one was expecting her to also openly kick against this situation that is becoming prevalent in our country and up till now, she hasn’t said anything, so clearly she was only concern about the allocation in the 2016 budget.

There are other ladies in power that though their jobs doesn’t concern the women empowerment but been that they are women, we expect to see that they regard us and help with the fight, for it is a collective effort and like Prof Wole Soyinka said recently,

“Until we make an example of people like (Senator Ahmed) Yerima, there will be thousands of Yunusa.”

Now seems the job has been left to concerned public and female celebrities alone because I can clearly say they are the one really fighting for women empowerment and great thanks to Stephanie Linus on mentioning about Ese Oruru during her acceptance speech when she received the award for the overall best movie in the just concluded AMVCA.

Let's keep talking… It's a new beginning . #themovieDRY #AMVCA2016

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Random Views On AMVCA 2016

The  2016 edition of Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCA), held on March 6, 2016 and a lot of people have been commenting about it both positive and negative and I want to educate us on what has been said for those that don’t know.

The first that really got me was Gollywood actress Yvonne Nelson stating that the awards weren’t genuine as they favored those they can seek favors from and those they have a good relationship and I was really shocked because for once I think AMVCA got it right, even though they still need to thrive to get it more better. Seems she forgot that is a choice award ceremony so it mainly has to do with votes and besides i don’t see any of their movies challenging those that was awarded. All it clearly shows is that Gollywood need to really go back to the drawing board and do something right because trust me I don’t enjoy watching Ghanaian movies even though sometimes Nollywood movies could be annoying except for those who are actually taking the pain to give us quality movies. So please Yvonne, take a seat and strategize on how to dish it real hot and I bet you, you will be a recipient.

Now there were those that felt Genevieve Nnaji needed to do more challenging roles probably she should try comedy like her colleagues and stop the usual role she is known for and my question is which usual role? Everyone has a niche and something they are good at. Can you picture Celine Dion rapping? Or picture Jay Z giving us cool blues? Now if she ventures into another aspect, these same people will say, she is doing copy cat and obviously not good at it and she should do what she is good at.SMH

I totally loved Mercy Aigbe’s outfit but trust people to always criticize even when you are looking purrfecttt..Reading some of the comments got me laughing as some felt she was so overdressed when she isn’t billed to get an award. They were like, why go overboard with your dressing when you weren’t nominated rather you are just attending the show? Chai Naija people sha

Ibinabo Fiberesima’s outfit was another discussion among some people as they felt she didn’t bring her “A game”. I believe she had the mind of promoting the African culture because it is clearly an African occasion and let’s not eat her raw. However, there are 1001 better ways of promoting the African culture through better and alluring styles and I hope this challenges her designer to re-brand.

Pulse Ng interviewed comedian AY and his wife Mabel, and some people were saying they could feel the tension coming from Mabel and it appeared AY didn’t even want his wife to say anything during the interview as he was just doing the talking except for when a question was directed to his wife.

Others are advising Ini Edo to fire both her personal stylist and makeup artist as she never seems to get it right on the red carpet. hmmm

Folarin Falana (Falz) and Funke Akindele won from their comedy series, Jenifa’s Diaries and that is awesome because, in that category, I didn’t really see anyone beating them except for Akpororo in the male category. However I wonder why The Johnson’s family wasn’t nominated in the first place because some of their episodes do crack me up like that of Jenifa’s Diaries and I must confess that some episodes of Jenifa’s Diaries lack the comedy vibes, likewise in the Johnson’s family.

We do hope to see much better AMVCA next year and till then, producers, film makers and the artistes should develop themselves to be able to stand out and win the hearts of their fans and the general public.



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