Can’t I Be My Brother’s Keeper?

It really makes me feel bad when someone is trying to outsmart his fellow just because he/she doesn’t have the right information. I believe in doing unto others what you want them to do to you and what goes around comes around.

I was at the airport bus stop waiting for my colleague very early in the morning around 4:45 am on my way to work, when a particular guy obviously on an early morning flight, flagged down a bike man and asked to be taken to MMA1(Old local airport). I could hear all they were saying and the next thing the bike man said was it will cost him =N=2,000. I didn’t even know when I screamed Jesus Christ!!!!! After much hassling the passenger told him he can’t afford it and the bike man was trying to cajole him but he was adamant and the bike man left hoping to make the passenger feel that is the actual fare.

The guy stood at that spot and when he saw my colleague and I trying to flag down a bike, He quickly walked up to us and asked how much will take him to the airport and I told him is =N=100. He was shocked and even told me he knew something was amiss because of my exclamation when the bike man mentioned =N=2,000 and He felt I didn’t want to chip in due security reason as this is Lagos and I was like yes, before i will turn mugu or disappear just because i want to help someone, so had to exclaim and hoped he got the message I was trying to pass across to him. He took another bike that the bike man sincerely told him it will cost him =N=100.

Narrating the incidence to someone in the office later, he was saying why didn’t I mind my own business, that don’t I know I spoiled the bike man’s business? The shock from that outburst was an overstatement, I was angry at how he was reasoning. So he preferred that the passenger is duped? What if he was the one and no one could be there to help him from a dubious business and how would he feel? His own response was this is Lagos and one has to shine his/her eyes.

Gosh, seriously people tend to forget that Karma is a bitch. Someone like that bike man shouldn’t be surprised that one of his kids in future will complain of been duped and then he will start raining curses on the fellow forgetting he once did it in the past. Hearing the conversation in the office, another of my colleague chipped in that he is praying God forgive him cos he knows and believe in that statement of what goes around comes around, that he deceived his dad during his school days just to exhort money to give to his girlfriends and buy expensive items in order to belong and he knows his own kids will do same to him but he is getting prepared for that.

Well there is no one who didn’t try to play smart with his/her folks during school days and the ideology then was they are our parents and after all, we didn’t steal it. Well, we should be prepared for it then.



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2 thoughts on “Can’t I Be My Brother’s Keeper?

  1. Choice Godwin says:

    You know, when people get so used to lies it becomes the truth for them, you become the enemy when you try to point it out. People should try and snap out of ‘whats obtainable’ and speak, live and see the truth!


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