Shout Out To The Wannabe’s!!!

This act of ladies forming and claiming to be big girls when ordinary they are worst than a church rat is becoming overwhelming and most times irritating. You get to see women fall prey to 419ners aka smart guys just because they don’t want people to see them as ignorant. My uncle used to say that  ‘He who ask questions never stumbles’, which is so true.

You see a well-dressed lady been duped in the airport just because she felt too big to walk up to the right ticketing counter to ask questions which most times is just a few steps from them. That was how I felt like slapping a lady that in my very presence wanted to pay additional =N=5,000 to get her boarding pass just because the check in time has close, as the airport tout claimed. She was quite lucky I was standing beside the FAAN customer service counter and somehow overheard their discussion and I quickly interjected that she should try to run down to the check-in counter, that she can still make it. Only for her to ask if I can help her that she cannot run. She did not even wait for my answer before she started walking down because the sharp look I gave her was like that of a mother to a child.

I keep asking within myself why do ladies act like this especially in the airport, but it seems is everywhere. I was in a keke (tricycle) going home that same day, when a lady sitting beside me started acting up as if she has never used a public transport before, she was just hissing and forming phonetics under the harsh sun, murmuring that the driver should take it easy and saying to no one in particular how she hated public transport especially keke as the drivers are so ruthless in their driving, and that she will surely deal with her driver for putting her in this predicament. Within me, I was like God when will you bless me to have my own car because it seems this lady even have more than one.

However, luck wasn’t on her side when the driver stopped to pick up another passenger to sit on the front seat with him and guess what? The passenger knows her and greeted her but she answered like she wasn’t interested but the friend didn’t want it to rest and straight up ask her if she was able to collect her change from the bus conductor the previous day and even applauded her on how she was attacking the conductor. Chai so unfortunate but she had to answer her. I just shook my head, because every lady wants to form big girl.

Getting home, I was narrating the two different scenarios to my neighbor and her brother who came in from Abuja and he was laughing and told us is same in Abuja. He works as an admin manager in a hotel and on a fateful day, a lady came in well dressed to see a guest and because the receptionist spent time trying to ascertain the guest she flared up and was insulting the receptionist and even threaten to get the staff sacked.

My neighbor’s brother had to intervene in the matter, after which she went in to see her guest and spent the entire night, only for her to have been deceived by her guest as the guest charged part of the bill to her name and checked out the following day.
She was not aware of that until she got to the receptionist desk. Trying to reach the guest on the phone proved abortive and that was when she knew she was on her own. She started crying and pleading that the management should have pity on her that she does not have cash on her and that she came all the way from Kaduna. After the pleas and crocodile tears, they gave her option of dropping her belongings which included her Iphone 6 or washing the dishes in the kitchen from 9am to 1pm. She chose doing the dishes, which she did before being allowed to go.

Just last week Sunday I was in church and it was time for offering, and this posh lady whom I had been admiring her bag started telling me she wanted to use =N=1,000 for offering but seems she has misplaced it and she can’t give God the =N=200 she has because is her transport fare home, if I can help her with =N=500 to use as offering? Hia…like seriously? I told her to use the cash she has and will later give her =N=200 for her transport. She mumbled cool but I know she wasn’t pleased and I didn’t even get to see her at the close of service.

Seriously, why not be real? This happens all the time and is becoming annoying.



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2 thoughts on “Shout Out To The Wannabe’s!!!

  1. Nelly says:

    I must belong.


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