My Two Cent On The Child Bride Issue

So far all the ladies in power have not said anything substantial about the way young female children are being abused through the form of child brides. I haven’t seen anyone give a statement or a press conference about it, nothing.

I read an interview some months ago, and the wife of our president, Mrs Aisha Buhari, mentioned that the office of the first lady ended with late Mrs Maryam Babangida. Obviously she meant it was only the late first lady that actually did excellent works regarding women and I among others believed that she will excel well and also pushed the womenfolk to a greater height in Nigeria but to my surprise I haven’t read any statement or watch her talk about the Ese Oruru’s case amongst other child bride victims. So even if she doesn’t want the office, what about the job?

Senator Remi Tinubu, in January, talked about the fact that the government doesn’t have the affairs of women in their mind and she even went as far as saying this wasn’t the change that they promised. I for one was expecting her to also openly kick against this situation that is becoming prevalent in our country and up till now, she hasn’t said anything, so clearly she was only concern about the allocation in the 2016 budget.

There are other ladies in power that though their jobs doesn’t concern the women empowerment but been that they are women, we expect to see that they regard us and help with the fight, for it is a collective effort and like Prof Wole Soyinka said recently,

“Until we make an example of people like (Senator Ahmed) Yerima, there will be thousands of Yunusa.”

Now seems the job has been left to concerned public and female celebrities alone because I can clearly say they are the one really fighting for women empowerment and great thanks to Stephanie Linus on mentioning about Ese Oruru during her acceptance speech when she received the award for the overall best movie in the just concluded AMVCA.

Let's keep talking… It's a new beginning . #themovieDRY #AMVCA2016

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