Living In Lagos….One Chance!!!

Living in Lagos is an adventure on its own. A successful individual in Lagos has at one point in his/her life had struggles when he was sure hustling to make it. There are so many people that can attest to a lesson learnt in living in Lagos.

Was at work and I noticed there was a particular guy I haven’t been seeing for some time at my office complex, and inquiring about him, was told that though he has been hospitalised for a while now, he is getting much better and wondering what went wrong decided to ask further and I was told a shocking story.

He was on his way to work at about 4:50 am, got to the normal bus stop he usually takes a bus from and met two other ladies possibly bankers waiting to board a bus. There is actually a mini park close to where they stood but people don’t like boarding buses from there because is on the high side and most especially it sometimes take a little while before it gets filled up and thus people prefers jumping moving vehicles which are also cheap.

So on this fateful day, luck wasn’t on his side as the bus he flagged down was actually what is called in Lagos as “one chance”. He alongside the two ladies didn’t know until the bus stopped almost in front of a bank and two guys seated at the back, pulled out their guns. That was when it dawned on them that they had fallen easily into the trap of mobile armed robbers.

The driver and the 5 passengers apart from the three innocent passengers all had different types of weapons. They quickly demanded that they give them all valuables and also cash, but they pleaded that they weren’t with any cash. With that information, the robbers proceeded to ask the for their purses and wallets which they provided. They discovered they were in possession of their ATM cards and quickly dragged them from the bus straight to the ATM point and ordered that they empty their account.

The ladies were scared and had to do their bidding but the man among them decided to prove stubborn and claimed he didn’t have his ATM card with him and that the one he had in his wallet belonged to his wife which was true. At first, he claimed he didn’t know the pin and was ordered to call his wife and this was amidst serious beating. He placed a call but his wife wasn’t picking, probably she hadn’t woken up.

They resolved to beat this man blue-black till he confessed he knows the card pin as they could have wondered why will you be carrying an ATM card when you don’t know the pin? After much beating that has led to blood oozing out of him, he finally did provide the pin and they went as far as clearing the account of his wife same way they did with the other two ladies.

After their operation, they left their victims to their fate, and some minutes later, some mobile policemen were spotted and the ladies had to call for help as the man that was beaten has already lost consciousness. They were taken to a hospital where they received immediate treatment, however, the man had to be hospitalised as he sustained serious injuries.

Wow, when I heard this story I was shocked, some guys that was with me when the man’s colleague was narrating the story started insinuating that the man was stupid to have lied in the first place and also wicked not to have gone out with his own ATM card but went out with that of his wife. Some said is pointless to argue with an armed person which is very true.

Now, what do you think???



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