The Day Of What If’s!!!!


It was a cloudy morning, and hubby was to go to the airport to pick up his cousin. Like a dutiful wife I wish to be, I enquired if he will eat before going but he declined and said it was too early to eat, and also his cousin was expected to be in the first flight coming in. As a dutiful wife, I asked again if they will be coming home or going straight to the village for the burial of a family member. Hubby assuredly said “NO”. That there will be no need to get home as they were even expected to be in the village the day before for the wake keeping.

No problem, I said and kissed him goodbye. With no plans of going out for the day, I decided to take my time to prepare what I felt I hungered for, “sliced fresh tomatoes stew with rice”, and still in the spirit of “taking my time”, I went into full action preparing my wonderful dish. When it was ready to be eaten, I decided to relax in the sitting room with the doors open allowing the cool breeze to rush in, and then an unexpected but familiar face showed up, lo and behold it was my hubby and his cousin. hmmmm.

I welcomed them in and immediately hubby said; “Oh I love the aroma from the kitchen, please bring some food for us“. After dishing out theirs I had to call hubby aside and ask him, what if there was no food at all? what if I was still preparing the food? Couldn’t you call to say you were on your way? Men will always be men, He apologized and said how a phone call or text or chat just wasn’t in his mind, then went ahead to say thank God food was ready and a well prepared one at that. They left few minutes after eating.

Alone in the house, so many “what if’s” came running through my mind. What if the story of Ese Oruru and Yunusa was a fake, and maybe a dream of Yunusa after he must have watched the movie “Inception”? All we need to do was wake him up or better still make Ese take over the dream. What if Nigeria was actually on the European continent, and we lived our lives just like the British with that accent of theirs? What if the Chibok girls saga was someone playing an “April fool” prank on us and only aiming for Guinness world book of records as the highest and longest prank ever? What if humans actually have the power to fly without wings but are scared to even try because of a folklore story told by our ancestors? What if a woman’s wealth is measured by the length of a strand of her hair.? What if Imeh Bishop was the actual winner of “best actor in a comedy” in the just concluded AMVCA, but the presenters coincidentally have a history of hatred with the Akwa-Ibomites.  What if a child in an unsupervised play drinks fuel which only makes him taller instantly. What if a dollar becomes equivalent to a naira. What if, what if, what if.



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