When You Are Remembered By FIRS!!!



I got to the office this morning and started the day with the usual routine. My office happens to have this penthouse view, you could see people coming into the premises from my end. So as I looked out the window I saw this group of people coming in and I could just read their body language, that spoke nothing but insecurity and guilt.

You know that expression of ‘I know am not worthy, but please bear with me because my survival depends on this’ when you are doing something that is not justified and expects or hope to be accepted. Well, I had formed my opinion of them already due to how their visit usually ends in some trivial decisions and as such, had a ready attitude waiting for them. They walked in and I was just busy with my phone while my junior colleague attended to them. They introduced themselves as FIRS ( Federal Inland Revenue Service)officials and went on to enlighten us on VAT and other taxes payable. All this while, I would only look up to steal a glance at their miserable faces, and continue my business with my phone.

Then they made that stupid remark; “oh you make hair here” when our products were glaring at them! That was when I looked up for the longest time and gave them the coldest stare ever, and corrected them with a high pitch tone. Am sure you know what that means? Amazing how rude one can be when irritated!

Well, it happens that they didn’t pick any offence with that, as they were somewhat happy to have finally gotten my attention. They seized the opportunity to lecture us on VAT and other taxes payable. And in the same vein, I used the opportunity to pour my venom on them as well. I had to ask them what they have been doing with all the taxes that employees and employers have been paying all these years. Imagine the amount of money that is being realized from VAT and PAYE from companies both small, medium and large sizes, hotels, restaurants communication companies etc! Is it being invested in Education, Energy, Security, Infrastructures or is it the Power sector that was in a management state before the “Change Administration” took over and it’s now non-existent!

Anyway, I don’t want to bore you more than I have done, with my ordeal with those faithful officers. Hmmm did I just call them faithful? Well, just to cover up the wound. They claimed to be the ones funding most federal school projects and that 20% of the total amount spent on security comes from them. OK ooh we sincerely hope that there is an iota of truth in that!

Finally, I collected their booklet and phone number and promised to relate all to my boss, who will, in turn, get back to them. But I was really happy, they availed me that opportunity to give them a piece of my mind.

After they left, I had to ponder on what the outcome of the visit will be if my boss decides to call them for their services which to an extent is inevitable because all organizations no matter the size has been mandated to always pay tax.

Remembering the experiences of two close buddies of mine really got me worried, because I recalled them saying that the visit from FIRS resulted in their salaries being slashed all in the name of tax deduction. Their management issued a renewed employment letter stating that their salary will no longer be the same rather it will be calculated as after-tax thus explaining the fact that henceforth salaries will be slashed, and no one could question the method by which the calculations will be done. I could remember how worried they were because the salary wasn’t even enough to take care of their living expenses, so they knew with this development, is gonna be worse. Of course, they had to manage as there was no alternative as at then.



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