A Cry For Our Young Ladies…

Sexual abuse on teens especially on the females is increasing daily and it is really disheartening. Teachers abusing students, teenage boys abusing little girls and then the worse is fathers harassing their daughters.

The Recent case of a teacher in Queen’s college under investigation is what has got people talking as one of the student’s mother have openly complained about the sexual harassment of the school’s biology teacher, Mr Olaseni Oshifala . Is so surprising that this teacher has been engaging in this wicked acts for a long time and hasn’t been reprimanded because he has the backing of one of the vice principal who always shield him from such reports. A lady narrated how scared her daughter was when she called her on the phone that the teacher has been harassing her and the mother had to pay a visit to the school but to her surprise, the vice principal refused to investigate the matter or get the man questioned. The vice principal even went as far as saying nothing can make the teacher leave the school and if anyone will be leaving the school, it would be the daughter. Can you imagine what a sane woman would say? Why not do a thorough investigation first? The good thing is past students have actually concurred to the lady’s allegations despite the school management denying the allegations against them.

Read a story recently of how an 18years old Indian girl has been sexually abused for good four years by her father and her mother didn’t believe her all along rather claimed it was a made up story. How can a mentally fit daughter sit down and cook up fake stories concerning her father? The lady in question had to film the assault just to prove to her mum that she was right all these while and, of course, to punish the father for molesting her for a long time. I really wonder how the mum would have felt after watching the illicit video. Because she would have saved her daughter after the first incidence in the first year but she chose not to investigate and besides like the popular saying, “there is no smoke without fire and we all know that in every rumour, lies an atom of truth”, so why not go an extra mile?

There are stories of the house helps we allow into our home, molesting the kids when their parents are not around and going as far as threatening them if they are thinking of reporting them to their parents. One needs to be very careful when bringing in house helps. A lady narrated of how the openness between her and her mum helped her to escape abuse from their houseboy then. The houseboy tried penetrating into her in an attempt to explain to her that there is another use of her vagina apart from to wee as her mother had told her and she cried out in pain. The idiot even went as far as saying he will show her later and it won’t pain her. She had to ask her mum to explain the other use of her “wee wee” as her mum usually call it when referring to her vagina, and the mum wondering why she asked, had to probe further only to find out that her houseboy is having plans of molesting her daughter and she had to send him out of her house.

Let’s help our women of tomorrow, let’s help them to have the best childhood in order not to have a physiological imbalance with regards to the opposite sex and also lacking self-esteem as most ladies that had an abused life growing up, do show traits of insecurities in later life.



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6 thoughts on “A Cry For Our Young Ladies…

  1. My little Sailor Moon was her loli father’s special lover for many years. Please read The Deflowering of Sailor Moon. We need to support each other!


  2. Thank you for writing this! Please read about my little Sailor Moon!


  3. Choice says:

    Seriously God will help us in this country, we are so good in covering evil. Caution can never be overemphasized in whatever we decide to do. When the Bible said that anything done outside faith is a sin, it was for our good. So whether you decide to take a house help, enrol you child in a school, change career etc, you need to pray for God’s leading to make the right choice. Obviously people need to start taking things more seriously.


  4. Choice Godwin says:

    Seriously God will help us in this country, we are so good at covering evil. Caution can never be overemphasized in whatever we do.While the world might look at it as caution, we Christians should never do anything outside faith, as the Holy Book admonished because its for our own good. Whether you decide to take up a house-help, enroll your child in a school, choose a career etc, we need to apply faith by committing it into the hand of God in prayers and be led by The Holy Spirit. Apparently people now know better than sweep complaints under the carpet again.


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