Reno Omokri Giving Me The Vibes!!!

I love epic response so much and the person giving me the vibes presently is Reno Omokri, former special assistant to the former president, Goodluck  Jonathan. Seriously is not expected of you to always responds to someone’ tweet if you don’t understand the topic on discussion, and even though you are allowed to offer your opinion, it is advisable to get facts right before doing that in order to save yourself the embarrassment that will sure come afterwards.

Reno Omokri tweeted that within one year of office, the former president GEJ built some universities in some listed states and a Twitter user wanted proof that GEJ actually built one of them. See the twitter conversation below;

Now read Reno’s reply to this question and also proof to back up his previous statement.

Another scenario saw Reno Omokri tweeting about what is going on with respect to power supply and a twitter user who obviously didn’t take enough time to understand what Reno was saying quickly lashed at him and Reno’s response was hilarious.

Reno’s hilarious response got me laughing so hard chaiiii

Please before you lash at someone, check yourself very well, this is very important.




4 thoughts on “Reno Omokri Giving Me The Vibes!!!

  1. Choice says:

    OMG! Still reeling from the choke of the laughter. Please don’t blame them o jare, they all wanted ‘Change’, and now it’s here with all that came with it, they are overwhelmed thus, they look for the nearest person to vent their anger and frustrations on. Abeg mek una pity them o abeg!! Hehehehehe Kai Naija!!!


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