Natural Hair 102…All Set

Now you have made the decision to go natural with your hair and you are contemplating on how to go about it. The question to ask is if you will be comfortable to enter a barber’s shop and cut your hair low or you want to grow your natural hair underneath your already relaxed hair.

Whichever decision you choose is personal and should be something you are comfortable with. The moment you decide you want to do away with relaxers, you are already a naturalist and as such you should treat your hair as natural from then on.

The stage by which you want to grow your natural hair while still having your relaxed hair is called transitioning and this stage requires utmost attention and affection because neglecting the needs of your hair will result in breakage which obviously you don’t want, and the duration of been in this stage varies with individuals, as some people transition for 3months, others 6months and some one year as the case may be.

One advice I will give to beginners in this journey is to invest in wigs because you will be needing it at the early stage especially if you are working in a corporate environment since you may not have an idea of how to style your TWA(Teeny Weeny Afro) for those that decides to do the BC(Big Chop) without transitioning first.

Some people do ask how to manage a transitioned hair especially for those with coarse hair and the best way is having a leave in conditioner handy which don’t have to be expensive. It helps to soften your hair and gives room for easy manipulation of styles, and of course oils to give it that shiny look. When you are satisfied with the growing length of your natural hair during this stage, you can now do your BC which can be done by yourself or in a good natural hair salon. However doing the BC isn’t so difficult because all you have to do is get your wet and look out for the line of demarcation between your natural hair and your relaxed ends and when you have noticed it, you cut off the relaxed ends using a pair of hair scissors.



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Is Online Shopping The Best?

With the advance of technology and the social media marketing that most people have taken advantage of, one gets to see beautifully displayed items that you long to have and deep down you know you may not be able to get it at your regular shop and even if you do, it just may be more expensive couple with the time and transportation cost it will take to just get a particular item.

With that, you click on the page and it directs you a well-developed website which shows you an array of lovely items they also have in stock and you decide to either go for what took you there or add more items to your list. Now the question is, what would give you the confidence to proceed to check out?

For me, if the option of pay on delivery is stated, I easily proceed to check out but if it is not, I have to carefully weigh it deep down by asking myself if what I want to purchase is really worth taking the risk, because trust me there are people that have fallen victims of paying for items online and not getting their delivered goods and efforts to recover their cash have been in vain.

It is common with us, Nigerians not to read the terms and conditions attached to online transactions, and just proceed to check out, but for those of us that do pay with card before delivery, it is advisable that you try to do that no matter the time it will take you because it could actually help you to know if you wanna continue with the online transaction especially the refund policies.

There is this particular site I do patronize for hair products and I normally do pay on delivery, but right now, they don’t operate that service because people had abused it by either not been around during the delivery time or they just develop the ‘am not interested in the product anymore’. This made the online shop to scrap out that service and that has also made me feel weary in buying from them  not because I don’t trust them but because I feel more comfortable with pay on delivery. I had once placed an order for a product from an online shop using pay with card option, only for me to get something entirely different from what I ordered and I quickly told the dispatch guy I don’t want it and he advised I make the necessary calls. It took roughly 5weeks for them to agree to refund me and I was told =N=2,000 will be deducted for transportation. Can you beat that? for something that wasn’t my fault? Well, I had to collect it because ‘half bread is better than chin chin’. What happened to me was clearly of the more you look, the less you see and since then I do strictly pay on delivery cos once beaten twice shy.

But trust me online shopping is bae if that pay on delivery option is there and of course free. Some shops can ask you for delivery charges outside the price for the products which can sometimes be outrageous as some of them can charge =N=1,000 for delivery just from Surulere to Ikeja. I remembered telling the sales person I called on the phone that it is absurd to pay that amount for delivery that is within mainland and she replied saying is either that on I come to the shop, I quickly told her I wasn’t interested anymore.



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Between The Prison Boss And The Female Lawmaker

I was initially taken aback when the news of how a female lawmaker was assaulted by one of the aides of the prison comptroller general while he sat down comfortably and witnessed everything. It’s not just sad that the assault was done on a woman but I think sadder that it happened within the premises of the House of Assembly(or should I say National Assembly). They obviously didn’t bother to find out if she was a lawmaker like their boss, even though she may be a minority leader.

Now the big question is why should she be slapped for overtaking a convoy of 8 or more cars as I heard. (Imagine a prison comptroller general with that kind of convoy when he isn’t even a deputy governor)? Nigerians and power and so obvious they are intoxicated by power.

But on the other hand, I think I’m happy such happened, At least now lawmakers and every other people in power will know what commoners are facing and also people who go about assaulting and molesting innocent people all in the name of “am in power”, will be warned once and for all. Do you have any idea how many “commoners” are assaulted daily just because they got caught up in a supposed “big man’s” convoy? It gets to a point where you are expected to carry your car on your head just for them to pass. They will so disturb you with their blaring horns especially in tight traffic like you don’t have a right to use the same road with them.

There have been many instances of these, I can’t mention them all, but I know of one involving a former Governor in the eastern state and a priest. Another involving the daughter of a “big man” in the navy and another big man. A case where the girl was beaten but could still stand up and face them, maybe because she knew the powers that would back her.

Now this particular story was heard because of the small political power that was available to the victim, what about those “commoners”who have no one to run to but suffer it all and still treat themselves at the end. If one of these “big, greedy and selfish” men who want the road to themselves have been punished and made to face the law then I don’t think they would be another occurrence.

Indeed, the rich also cry. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. Justice shouldn’t only be fought because the rich is involved, it should prevail because it ought to. Now the CGP is denying any assault on the lady and also pointing out that he went with only 4 cars as against the 20 cars alleged earlier. Well, I rest my case and watch keenly as the case unfolds and see what will be the verdict or if it will be swept under the carpet.



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Letting Go….


Ya, we see ourselves making same mistakes we vowed never to make. We see ourselves in the same old situation we swear we never occur again. We swore never to be with same kinda friends from high school and we find ourselves stuck with them. We find ourselves again accepting to work so hard and tirelessly for a small paying job that isn’t enough to put food on the table let alone take care of other basic needs, after saying we will never do that, just because we haven’t gotten the breakthrough.

After seeing ourselves in same old situations and partaking in same old habits, we try to justify ourselves by saying is “easier said than done”. We try to give explanations for why we went back to our old ways even after promising ourselves we won’t.

Now is it right to justify our mistakes or we should rightly say we are been lazy to actually work towards our reform goals? As a woman, a young girl, we all have past that we don’t even for one-second want to remember, so why then do we give in to repeating the past mistakes? Why don’t we rather discipline ourselves in achieving our set goals?

Trust me you can’t do it on your own. You need someone to help you achieve that set goal and to remind you is ok to fail at a point in time but not to get stuck in the mistake and thinking is not easy leaving that mistake. The essence of having mentors is to guide you in the walk of life, people you can open up to about your past, your habits, addictions and knowing they won’t use it against you rather they will help you become a better person. They will help to strengthen your zeal in forging ahead in life.

I remember working for a small firm that didn’t pay much in terms of salary and everyone knows living in Lagos is quite expensive but I saw myself stuck because people kept saying a bird in hand is better than two in the bush. Some even said staying at home is frustrating (which is true), so I should stick to what I have and keep believing God for a breakthrough. I kept on, did all that was advised but one beautiful morning, I told myself enough was enough, I could actually source for my clients and do a side business pending when a job comes. I quickly called a senior friend that I see as my mentor and told him about it and he said is an excellent idea and should go for it. I did go for it, it wasn’t easy but it was better than working so hard, killing my body and of course weakening my morale just because I wanna go out every day to the office. I did that wonderfully well with the support of friends who kept referring people to me. I was now the one dictating the kind of job I wanted because I swore to never taking any small paying job. Thus when my present job came, I took it whilst still doing my side business.

If you see yourself as a strong woman, you can try to work towards achieving your set goals rather than not trying and thinking is not easy to achieve so you go back to accepting what you told yourself you don’t want any more, saying is easier said than done which to me is a set back phrase and of course a lazy phrase. This applies to every aspect of our daily life, and thus no matter what is keeping you from moving on, you have to shrug it off you, it could be bad relationship, even from your workplace, shrug it off and move on because this life is too short for unnecessary compromise.



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Natural Hair 101…Decision Making!!!

Well, what has been trending of late is ladies going natural and each lady has her own individual reason for going natural. It goes beyond joining the trend, it is usually something one decides on after careful thinking and strategising and of course questioning if you can see it to the end without getting carried away with the beauty associated with people having relaxed hair as they tend to easily shift between hair styles.

So it should be perceived as a personal decision that you have to enjoy the rest of your life unless you feel you will go back to having your hair relaxed after a period of time. I for one didn’t join the natural hair community because it was a trend but I did because my hair had suffered for a long time under different hair stylist and it literally had no life. I never knew one could be depressed because of bad hair but I saw myself at that point where I just didn’t want to be bothered about my hair neither do I even want to cut my hair as some peeps were advising I do. I resolved to have my hair in a faux loc which I carried for 8 months and a dear friend advised I think about joining the natural hair community after removing the locs.

With that advice, I decided to do my own research and trust me it was looking to be an awesome experience especially watching some YouTube videos that showed different luscious styles and how to achieve them. I couldn’t wait to try those hairstyles and quickly I made up my mind to give it a try but one thing I didn’t know to be one major factor in this journey is patience.

Most people that know me could attest to the fact that am not really a patient person but starting the natural hair journey made me develop the spirit of patience because if you wanna go natural, you gotta have patience at a very high frequency. You will definitely feel like jumping the hair stages to get to the point where the natural hair bloggers have gotten, but trust me it took a while for them to get there whilst undergoing an intensive hair regime to achieve what you are admiring.

So ladies do not join the community because you want to belong and thinking there is something special about being natural thereby making those with relaxed hair feel like they are outcast, rather join because you are proud of your hair and believing that your hair needs all the care and attention required without having to apply different chemicals to your hair that will end up doing more damage than good. Treat it like your baby and your best friend and in fact, some naturalists have pet names for their hair. Also, it is worthy of note to always know that there are days of bad hair days likewise good hair days.



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Google, My Bestie


Google has never by any chance disappointed me ever since I decided to stop seeing it as a mere search engine. He is a friend I can count on whenever am a bit confused and these days when someone ask me about something I just say ask google, he is everyone’s best friend.

My response could pissed you off but that is the gospel truth. My best friend has saved me from making some decisions that could cost me my time and money. If I have an interview summon, all I need to do is ask google about it, I don’t even need to elaborate, just give highlights and I will get enough reviews that will help me make a decision of going for it or not especially with all these HMO agents that have a way of having your data with them. With my google search I just ignore such movements.

Even before buying a product, I just find out online if is worth my hard earned cash and if the reviews I get is 70% positive then I give it a benefit of doubt and if is not I just ignore it. Is as simple as that. I actually thought I was the only one guilty of such but have come across people that reason same way as I do and some has confessed to be addicted to Google. Yes you can get addicted to it if you aren’t careful and that is something I usually discourage people from.

Is understandable that we are no longer far from having ideas about different things pertaining to life due to accessible network service,  but when it comes to health I don’t encourage asking google. If at first you decides you want to have an idea of what is going on with you, fine that is ok but when you are actually trying to do self medication through online prescription, then that is where I don’t agree with anyone.

Imagine you are having an abdominal pain which could be as a result of ovulation and you feel there isn’t time for you to get to the hospital and instead you decides to ask google who gives you different reasons why you maybe experiencing abdominal pain, you find yourself picking the most dreadful reason which could be fibroid that was listed or may be PID(Pelvic inflammatory disease). You now find yourself looking for symptoms in your body that wasn’t there in the first place and by so doing your body start mimicking the symptoms you want it to have. All you have successfully done is feed your mind with negativity instead of just seeing your doctor that could have alleviated your fears.

Therefore, even though google happens to be my dear bestie, our friendship have boundaries but don’t know about you.



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Uniport, My Alma Mater!!!


Is with so much pain that I have to write about this school that I spent 5years in. When did it all become normal that violence is now like taking a trip to Choba campus from Abuja campus? What happened to federal government bringing culprits to face the law rather than allowing them walk freely after committing horrendous crimes and thinking they are above the law?

How can a vice chancellor conclude that there won’t be exams conducted if students don’t pay their school fees? What happened to allowing students finish their exams and hold defaulters at ransom when they want to do their final clearance? As that is what was normally done in the past?  Why make a new law that doesn’t make sense?

How can the police force who are suppose to protect lives, be the ones taking lives? What happened to taking caution when dealing with public protests? Fees has been increasing unnecessarily in Uniport(University of Post Harcourt) and nothing to show for it in terms of development, because the few times I have been there since graduating 2008 much changes hasn’t been evident.

Aluta must arise and face this annoying situation because an injury to one is an injury to all. How can one proudly say “Greatest Uniport? Or Unique Uniport?” The only thing unique about Uniport right now is the increased level of violence which must stop right now.

To the Vice Chancellor, I hope your conscience can allow you sleep peacefully at night because truth be told you are the genesis of this abomination.

Enough is Enough!!!

Aluta Continua!!!
Victoria Ascerta!!!



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