Overcoming Aviophobia (Fear Of Flying)

In as much that one enjoys the advantage of getting to desired destinations swiftly and on time, there are people that wouldn’t mind if there are buses that will take them outside the country if there was an opportunity for it.

Not because air fares could be outrageous but because they have aviophobia which is referred to as fear of flying. I for one do have this sometimes and I can assure you is not easy to overcome but with positive thoughts and mind programming you will find yourself able to overcome it.

There are people that will turn pastors on board and start speaking in tongues from the moment the plane takes off till when it lands and then they take a deep breath that all went well. Don’t laugh at such people, that is just their own way of overcoming aviophobia.

In Nigeria, our fear of flying stems from the past air crashes we have had and some of us are still yet to board a plane just because of that and some have chosen not to even patronize the airline that was involved despite re-branding. Do not blame them but understand their fears.

I usually love reading novels and I do feel relaxed and less tensed reading while on board because it tends to take my mind away from my present surrounding. However, with time, I felt it was better reading the bible than my novels and that has really worked for me. I just read some chapters from it and before you know it, am in my destination.

Now I do see people requesting for window seats during check-in, please if you have aviophobia, it is much better you take the aisle seat or the middle seat depending on the particular aircraft because fixing your sights outside through the window could get you worked up resulting in panic attack which wouldn’t be good for other passengers who are trying to contain their fears within them. I know of someone who says his aviophobic nature makes him not to sit close to any passenger with a child especially an infant because if peradventure the child starts crying, he gets tensed and become so nervous, and to avoid that, he always makes his request known at the check-in counter.

Does anyone have tips to share that helps them overcome aviopbobia? Please share with the house…



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4 thoughts on “Overcoming Aviophobia (Fear Of Flying)

  1. For advanced help with fear of flying, see this book, “SOAR: The Breakthrough Treatment for Fear of Flying” chosen Amazon editors’ 2014 favorite book.


  2. Choice Godwin says:

    I can’t say i have Aviophobia, but my first experience was more of skepticism than fear, because of the state of the aviation sector then. There was so much plane crashes, it was really scary! I had to opt for the middle seat and peeped through the window just to have a sight and feel of the whole experience. Subsequently, i became more relaxed as things improved. I think the best therapy is still the bible, cos you are connected to a very superior power that knows no impossibilities.


    • Mujora says:

      Lol I totally understand your fear and trust me we share same option of not using window seat on board and yea, the bible is my best option of staying relaxed


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