Sustaining The Divine Connection

There are times we find ourselves in need of a major solution to a long-standing problem, a major breakthrough and probably a divine connection with people that matters, that will make us connect 99.9% if not 100% with God and we give him our total self just to change our situation and trust me it does works because God is definitely one that can’t resist helping his children. No matter how bad a child is, his mother will always have a deep connection with the child and tries to correct the child’s ways through prayers and discipline.

It is great to hand over our difficulties to God but the big question is what happens next after getting the answer or result? We may think sharing a testimony in the church is OK or maybe having a thanksgiving service in the church where family and friends celebrate you is enough but it is really not enough.

My prayer for everyone reading this post is for your praise to be greater than your prayers, however, the fire in you with which you used in communicating with Him shouldn’t dim for one second. Have been at that stage, where when I need something from God, I connect so great with Him and when He finally answers me, I see myself making excuses for why my connection is weakening and I remember telling my sister sometime ago that it seems God is far from me but she gave an excellent answer which is so true, She said; ‘God has always been there but I chose to treat him in an ignorant manner’. With that, I resolved to always keep the fire burning and that has given a chance to more doors opening for me and even extending to my family and friends.

Let’s keep the fire burning, remember Him at all times and not when we are in dire need of something, and when we finally get what we want from Him, please do not neglect the relationship you have built with Him.



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