Uniport, My Alma Mater!!!


Is with so much pain that I have to write about this school that I spent 5years in. When did it all become normal that violence is now like taking a trip to Choba campus from Abuja campus? What happened to federal government bringing culprits to face the law rather than allowing them walk freely after committing horrendous crimes and thinking they are above the law?

How can a vice chancellor conclude that there won’t be exams conducted if students don’t pay their school fees? What happened to allowing students finish their exams and hold defaulters at ransom when they want to do their final clearance? As that is what was normally done in the past?  Why make a new law that doesn’t make sense?

How can the police force who are suppose to protect lives, be the ones taking lives? What happened to taking caution when dealing with public protests? Fees has been increasing unnecessarily in Uniport(University of Post Harcourt) and nothing to show for it in terms of development, because the few times I have been there since graduating 2008 much changes hasn’t been evident.

Aluta must arise and face this annoying situation because an injury to one is an injury to all. How can one proudly say “Greatest Uniport? Or Unique Uniport?” The only thing unique about Uniport right now is the increased level of violence which must stop right now.

To the Vice Chancellor, I hope your conscience can allow you sleep peacefully at night because truth be told you are the genesis of this abomination.

Enough is Enough!!!

Aluta Continua!!!
Victoria Ascerta!!!



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4 thoughts on “Uniport, My Alma Mater!!!

  1. mitmas says:

    Nice write up dear, hope the right mind sees the message here and act upon with immediate alacrity. Keep up the good work.

    Aluta Continua …Victoria sure pass


  2. Choice says:

    Hmmmm the state of education in Nigeria, is a big laugh really!
    Isn’t this case even better than that of University of Lagos DLI( Distance Learning Institute ) ,with the outrageous fees that promises nothing spectacular but lecturers and basic learning facilities. Here you are actually singled out and left behind your colleagues, if you aren’t able to pay up your fees before the day of the exams. Oh you have no idea of the amount of people that are years behind their colleagues in school, not as a result of failing their papers but because they weren’t able to pay their fees on time!. It’s really sickening!!!


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