Google, My Bestie


Google has never by any chance disappointed me ever since I decided to stop seeing it as a mere search engine. He is a friend I can count on whenever am a bit confused and these days when someone ask me about something I just say ask google, he is everyone’s best friend.

My response could pissed you off but that is the gospel truth. My best friend has saved me from making some decisions that could cost me my time and money. If I have an interview summon, all I need to do is ask google about it, I don’t even need to elaborate, just give highlights and I will get enough reviews that will help me make a decision of going for it or not especially with all these HMO agents that have a way of having your data with them. With my google search I just ignore such movements.

Even before buying a product, I just find out online if is worth my hard earned cash and if the reviews I get is 70% positive then I give it a benefit of doubt and if is not I just ignore it. Is as simple as that. I actually thought I was the only one guilty of such but have come across people that reason same way as I do and some has confessed to be addicted to Google. Yes you can get addicted to it if you aren’t careful and that is something I usually discourage people from.

Is understandable that we are no longer far from having ideas about different things pertaining to life due to accessible network service,  but when it comes to health I don’t encourage asking google. If at first you decides you want to have an idea of what is going on with you, fine that is ok but when you are actually trying to do self medication through online prescription, then that is where I don’t agree with anyone.

Imagine you are having an abdominal pain which could be as a result of ovulation and you feel there isn’t time for you to get to the hospital and instead you decides to ask google who gives you different reasons why you maybe experiencing abdominal pain, you find yourself picking the most dreadful reason which could be fibroid that was listed or may be PID(Pelvic inflammatory disease). You now find yourself looking for symptoms in your body that wasn’t there in the first place and by so doing your body start mimicking the symptoms you want it to have. All you have successfully done is feed your mind with negativity instead of just seeing your doctor that could have alleviated your fears.

Therefore, even though google happens to be my dear bestie, our friendship have boundaries but don’t know about you.



Photo Credit: Google


2 thoughts on “Google, My Bestie

  1. Choice Godwin says:

    Sure thing! Google is very helpful no doubt, yet, one has to know their limits. We can’t be too careful when it comes to our health really.


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