Natural Hair 101…Decision Making!!!

Well, what has been trending of late is ladies going natural and each lady has her own individual reason for going natural. It goes beyond joining the trend, it is usually something one decides on after careful thinking and strategising and of course questioning if you can see it to the end without getting carried away with the beauty associated with people having relaxed hair as they tend to easily shift between hair styles.

So it should be perceived as a personal decision that you have to enjoy the rest of your life unless you feel you will go back to having your hair relaxed after a period of time. I for one didn’t join the natural hair community because it was a trend but I did because my hair had suffered for a long time under different hair stylist and it literally had no life. I never knew one could be depressed because of bad hair but I saw myself at that point where I just didn’t want to be bothered about my hair neither do I even want to cut my hair as some peeps were advising I do. I resolved to have my hair in a faux loc which I carried for 8 months and a dear friend advised I think about joining the natural hair community after removing the locs.

With that advice, I decided to do my own research and trust me it was looking to be an awesome experience especially watching some YouTube videos that showed different luscious styles and how to achieve them. I couldn’t wait to try those hairstyles and quickly I made up my mind to give it a try but one thing I didn’t know to be one major factor in this journey is patience.

Most people that know me could attest to the fact that am not really a patient person but starting the natural hair journey made me develop the spirit of patience because if you wanna go natural, you gotta have patience at a very high frequency. You will definitely feel like jumping the hair stages to get to the point where the natural hair bloggers have gotten, but trust me it took a while for them to get there whilst undergoing an intensive hair regime to achieve what you are admiring.

So ladies do not join the community because you want to belong and thinking there is something special about being natural thereby making those with relaxed hair feel like they are outcast, rather join because you are proud of your hair and believing that your hair needs all the care and attention required without having to apply different chemicals to your hair that will end up doing more damage than good. Treat it like your baby and your best friend and in fact, some naturalists have pet names for their hair. Also, it is worthy of note to always know that there are days of bad hair days likewise good hair days.



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2 thoughts on “Natural Hair 101…Decision Making!!!

  1. Choice Godwin says:

    Big ups to the naturalistars! Ain’t a fan though, no offense!. We love our hair relaxed, smooth and easy to maintain. But this is definitely a good advise for it’s wannabes. Thumbs up babes.


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