Letting Go….


Ya, we see ourselves making same mistakes we vowed never to make. We see ourselves in the same old situation we swear we never occur again. We swore never to be with same kinda friends from high school and we find ourselves stuck with them. We find ourselves again accepting to work so hard and tirelessly for a small paying job that isn’t enough to put food on the table let alone take care of other basic needs, after saying we will never do that, just because we haven’t gotten the breakthrough.

After seeing ourselves in same old situations and partaking in same old habits, we try to justify ourselves by saying is “easier said than done”. We try to give explanations for why we went back to our old ways even after promising ourselves we won’t.

Now is it right to justify our mistakes or we should rightly say we are been lazy to actually work towards our reform goals? As a woman, a young girl, we all have past that we don’t even for one-second want to remember, so why then do we give in to repeating the past mistakes? Why don’t we rather discipline ourselves in achieving our set goals?

Trust me you can’t do it on your own. You need someone to help you achieve that set goal and to remind you is ok to fail at a point in time but not to get stuck in the mistake and thinking is not easy leaving that mistake. The essence of having mentors is to guide you in the walk of life, people you can open up to about your past, your habits, addictions and knowing they won’t use it against you rather they will help you become a better person. They will help to strengthen your zeal in forging ahead in life.

I remember working for a small firm that didn’t pay much in terms of salary and everyone knows living in Lagos is quite expensive but I saw myself stuck because people kept saying a bird in hand is better than two in the bush. Some even said staying at home is frustrating (which is true), so I should stick to what I have and keep believing God for a breakthrough. I kept on, did all that was advised but one beautiful morning, I told myself enough was enough, I could actually source for my clients and do a side business pending when a job comes. I quickly called a senior friend that I see as my mentor and told him about it and he said is an excellent idea and should go for it. I did go for it, it wasn’t easy but it was better than working so hard, killing my body and of course weakening my morale just because I wanna go out every day to the office. I did that wonderfully well with the support of friends who kept referring people to me. I was now the one dictating the kind of job I wanted because I swore to never taking any small paying job. Thus when my present job came, I took it whilst still doing my side business.

If you see yourself as a strong woman, you can try to work towards achieving your set goals rather than not trying and thinking is not easy to achieve so you go back to accepting what you told yourself you don’t want any more, saying is easier said than done which to me is a set back phrase and of course a lazy phrase. This applies to every aspect of our daily life, and thus no matter what is keeping you from moving on, you have to shrug it off you, it could be bad relationship, even from your workplace, shrug it off and move on because this life is too short for unnecessary compromise.



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2 thoughts on “Letting Go….

  1. Choice Godwin says:

    Yes, this is the kind of pep talk we all need to do to and for ourselves sometimes! This whole procrastination, settling for less etc, is as a result of one great enemy of success ‘FEAR’. And it shows how faithless most of us are, myself inclusive. Because fear and faith never co-habitats.The sooner we started believing in the person we are, and the God that made us the way we are, the sooner we will get to our desired state.


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