Between The Prison Boss And The Female Lawmaker

I was initially taken aback when the news of how a female lawmaker was assaulted by one of the aides of the prison comptroller general while he sat down comfortably and witnessed everything. It’s not just sad that the assault was done on a woman but I think sadder that it happened within the premises of the House of Assembly(or should I say National Assembly). They obviously didn’t bother to find out if she was a lawmaker like their boss, even though she may be a minority leader.

Now the big question is why should she be slapped for overtaking a convoy of 8 or more cars as I heard. (Imagine a prison comptroller general with that kind of convoy when he isn’t even a deputy governor)? Nigerians and power and so obvious they are intoxicated by power.

But on the other hand, I think I’m happy such happened, At least now lawmakers and every other people in power will know what commoners are facing and also people who go about assaulting and molesting innocent people all in the name of “am in power”, will be warned once and for all. Do you have any idea how many “commoners” are assaulted daily just because they got caught up in a supposed “big man’s” convoy? It gets to a point where you are expected to carry your car on your head just for them to pass. They will so disturb you with their blaring horns especially in tight traffic like you don’t have a right to use the same road with them.

There have been many instances of these, I can’t mention them all, but I know of one involving a former Governor in the eastern state and a priest. Another involving the daughter of a “big man” in the navy and another big man. A case where the girl was beaten but could still stand up and face them, maybe because she knew the powers that would back her.

Now this particular story was heard because of the small political power that was available to the victim, what about those “commoners”who have no one to run to but suffer it all and still treat themselves at the end. If one of these “big, greedy and selfish” men who want the road to themselves have been punished and made to face the law then I don’t think they would be another occurrence.

Indeed, the rich also cry. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. Justice shouldn’t only be fought because the rich is involved, it should prevail because it ought to. Now the CGP is denying any assault on the lady and also pointing out that he went with only 4 cars as against the 20 cars alleged earlier. Well, I rest my case and watch keenly as the case unfolds and see what will be the verdict or if it will be swept under the carpet.



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2 thoughts on “Between The Prison Boss And The Female Lawmaker

  1. Choice Godwin says:

    Hmmm what can one possibly say about those power drunk perverts! Just like this one we can only hope they will all meet their matches.


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