Is Online Shopping The Best?

With the advance of technology and the social media marketing that most people have taken advantage of, one gets to see beautifully displayed items that you long to have and deep down you know you may not be able to get it at your regular shop and even if you do, it just may be more expensive couple with the time and transportation cost it will take to just get a particular item.

With that, you click on the page and it directs you a well-developed website which shows you an array of lovely items they also have in stock and you decide to either go for what took you there or add more items to your list. Now the question is, what would give you the confidence to proceed to check out?

For me, if the option of pay on delivery is stated, I easily proceed to check out but if it is not, I have to carefully weigh it deep down by asking myself if what I want to purchase is really worth taking the risk, because trust me there are people that have fallen victims of paying for items online and not getting their delivered goods and efforts to recover their cash have been in vain.

It is common with us, Nigerians not to read the terms and conditions attached to online transactions, and just proceed to check out, but for those of us that do pay with card before delivery, it is advisable that you try to do that no matter the time it will take you because it could actually help you to know if you wanna continue with the online transaction especially the refund policies.

There is this particular site I do patronize for hair products and I normally do pay on delivery, but right now, they don’t operate that service because people had abused it by either not been around during the delivery time or they just develop the ‘am not interested in the product anymore’. This made the online shop to scrap out that service and that has also made me feel weary in buying from them  not because I don’t trust them but because I feel more comfortable with pay on delivery. I had once placed an order for a product from an online shop using pay with card option, only for me to get something entirely different from what I ordered and I quickly told the dispatch guy I don’t want it and he advised I make the necessary calls. It took roughly 5weeks for them to agree to refund me and I was told =N=2,000 will be deducted for transportation. Can you beat that? for something that wasn’t my fault? Well, I had to collect it because ‘half bread is better than chin chin’. What happened to me was clearly of the more you look, the less you see and since then I do strictly pay on delivery cos once beaten twice shy.

But trust me online shopping is bae if that pay on delivery option is there and of course free. Some shops can ask you for delivery charges outside the price for the products which can sometimes be outrageous as some of them can charge =N=1,000 for delivery just from Surulere to Ikeja. I remembered telling the sales person I called on the phone that it is absurd to pay that amount for delivery that is within mainland and she replied saying is either that on I come to the shop, I quickly told her I wasn’t interested anymore.



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4 thoughts on “Is Online Shopping The Best?

  1. I do 90% of my personal shopping online and it is a Godsend! I have my go-to stores that I know work with my boy type and I almost never have to return. It is like Christmas when I see the box waiting at my door and I know my own mirror is a fair judge!


  2. Oh and I meant my “body type.” I am ridiculously tall. On line rules. The comparison shopping is another reason for me as well as makeup bonus days with free shipping allows me to split my order and pick up double rewards!


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