Natural Hair 102…All Set

Now you have made the decision to go natural with your hair and you are contemplating on how to go about it. The question to ask is if you will be comfortable to enter a barber’s shop and cut your hair low or you want to grow your natural hair underneath your already relaxed hair.

Whichever decision you choose is personal and should be something you are comfortable with. The moment you decide you want to do away with relaxers, you are already a naturalist and as such you should treat your hair as natural from then on.

The stage by which you want to grow your natural hair while still having your relaxed hair is called transitioning and this stage requires utmost attention and affection because neglecting the needs of your hair will result in breakage which obviously you don’t want, and the duration of been in this stage varies with individuals, as some people transition for 3months, others 6months and some one year as the case may be.

One advice I will give to beginners in this journey is to invest in wigs because you will be needing it at the early stage especially if you are working in a corporate environment since you may not have an idea of how to style your TWA(Teeny Weeny Afro) for those that decides to do the BC(Big Chop) without transitioning first.

Some people do ask how to manage a transitioned hair especially for those with coarse hair and the best way is having a leave in conditioner handy which don’t have to be expensive. It helps to soften your hair and gives room for easy manipulation of styles, and of course oils to give it that shiny look. When you are satisfied with the growing length of your natural hair during this stage, you can now do your BC which can be done by yourself or in a good natural hair salon. However doing the BC isn’t so difficult because all you have to do is get your wet and look out for the line of demarcation between your natural hair and your relaxed ends and when you have noticed it, you cut off the relaxed ends using a pair of hair scissors.



Photo Credit: Google

Video Credit: Youtube/SummerKissCrush


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