Depression…The Silent Killer

Depression is what most Nigerians hasn’t really come to terms with as regards the negative toll it takes on one which can lead to its victim suffering terribly  and possibly death.

Everyone became aware of it due to Tunji Balogun aka Tee Billz brush with death when he attempted suicide and some people even felt he wasn’t man enough to complete the task. like seriously? Almost everyone at a point in time has been depressed due to challenges they face but they didn’t allow themselves to go down with it rather they fought to come out of the dark cloud.

Trust me is not only celebrities that feel depressed when things ain’t going their way. Everyone born of a woman have the tendency to get depressed and the people you have around during your down times matters a lot. If you asked sufferers of depression they will clearly tell you that people don’t get to understand them when they open up to them about something being wrong with them. People don’t want to look beyond the smile on their faces to know what is really giving them sleepless night.

Imagine a student reading with fear and getting worried just because he want to be the best medical doctor and his family don’t care how he intends achieving it even though being a doctor is not what he want for himself. Such a person pushes himself so hard that he keeps entertaining thoughts of failure and fear and if not helped immediately could make him depressed and lose his mind. Why? Because he wants to do what his folks expect of him.

There are people that just feel they ain’t good enough for anything, job wise, academically and even in their marital home. An unobservant person wouldn’t see the telltale signs of depression no matter how close you are to the person unless the person opens up to you. People may say how am I suppose to know he is going through a difficult time if he doesn’t open up to me? Trust me in the course of the few discussions you do have with a depressed person, he would have hinted to you his worries but you chose not to understand at that point. Someone loses a job and feeling so down and you say don’t worry God will give you another, do you think he doesn’t know that? What he is thinking at that point is how he will cope till he gets another especially if he happens to be a married man with a family and probably his wife isn’t the understanding type. Such a man will find depression carefully crawling in till it takes total control of him.

It is very easy for one to suffer depression and if not carefully dealt with when noticed could lead to mental challenges and you see them looking for stuff to take their mind away from their predicaments. They take solace in alcohol, drugs, women, pornography and other negative vices. Now the question is who told them that drugs, alcohol, and other negative stuff can help them to forget their troubles? Friends,the type of friends you shouldn’t tell your worries to and funny enough those are the types that give you the attention you crave for and they help to kill your zeal for living slowly.

Season three of Funke Akindele’s sitcom, Jenifa’s Diary showed a university student that sunk to depression because her folks weren’t always around and a fellow school mate of hers volunteered to help her forget her worries as she doesn’t want to fail her papers which her folks wouldn’t want to hear and she equally thought smoking and drinking would help her to read and assimilate well enough which she was introduced to as the utmost remedy but instead of those helping her they made her even sink lower and the challenge to bring her out of that dark cloud became the utmost concern of her family and her good friends, and of course she was able to overcome in due time. Such scenarios occur daily in the university and one has to be careful the kind of friends they associate with.

We should be more than a friend to those we call friends, help them to overcome their worries because once in that depressed state, only God can intervene and save that person. One major mindset that most of them that succeed in commiting suicide have, is the feeling that they are actually doing those they left behind a favor of not worrying over them anymore, they feel their loved ones will be much better without them and so they end the misery by commiting suicide.

The truth is, even as christains and we believe God for his grace to help us overcome life challenges, we still need to seek medical help and reach out to specialists that can help us in the walk to overcome our depressed state. Don’t die in ignorance and seek help.



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