Standing From A Point Of Victory…


I got this awesome statement while watching pastor Priscilia Shirer preach about being victorious on her YouTube page.

For those that don’t know her, she is one of the female cast from the Kendrick Brother’s latest movie, ‘War room’. She was awesome in the movie and when my sister asked me to check out more of her teachings on YouTube, I got stuck after one video.

On this particular video where she talked about abandoning your boat, so many stuff was talked about and boat here doesn’t mean the normal boat we all know rather is about what we are engage on at the moment, what we are believing God for, the particular project we have invested so much on which could be our career, our life goals and aspirations and just maybe there is presently a strain on it and you aren’t getting the normal returns you expect after your investments, and probably you are already thinking of quitting, and just maybe you have accepted defeat, but I will advise that we go back to fight for what we want, and if you haven’t already succumb to defeat, then you need to strategize on your thinking and perception approach.

Of course is not easy, some will say is easier said than done and am also with those that says is not easy but I know with determination it is achieved. All we have to do is to fight from a point of victory, believe that victory is assured to you and you are just acting the normal even though you are reasoning in the supernatural. People may criticize you that you ain’t thinking right, some may say move on to the next project but when you have the conviction that you want to give your best till when you feel this is all you have got to give, then God in all His might will not abandon you.


I remember believing God for a particular project and twice I didn’t get it, I felt so down, demoralized and was asking God questions. I was asking why didn’t He stop me at the initial stage? Why did He allow me to get to the finish line and I ended up not been victorious? I felt like a failure but thank God for my sister who as at then didn’t give up on me when I was experiencing that dark cloud. She opened my eyes to been positive irrespective of my present situations. It was hard but I had to push on and another project came that I was reluctant to partake in it because the odds were clearly against me, but with encouragement, I got myself involved and trust me I didn’t even invest so much, I didn’t even work so hard for it and when I thought of the fact that I  may lose it as I wasn’t qualified enough, God showed Himself strong and made me victorious because I was able to practice the act of believing it was already settled and remembering all that He has done for me in the past.

So after watching pastor Priscilla’s video, I knew what I practiced then was fighting from a point of victory. I refused to believe that I will fail, I spoke out the promises He made in the bible and indeed He proved that His words are sharper than two edged sword. So yes it is possible to believe God for victory irrespective of the present situations that may force you to accept defeat, and if it doesn’t come, trust Him completely to show Himself strong in your life as He may be preparing you for something bigger than what you are getting yourself worked up on.


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