Fun Weekend With The Girls……


Woke up to a glorious Friday morning, was so ready to face the day’s activities that I practically dashed out of my posh 2 bedroom apartment, got into my car and just felt so relaxed as I got into motion. It takes 45mins from my house to the office but usual island traffic makes it an hour which is till fair compared to when I was going to the office from the mainland. Can’t believe how far I have come from jumping buses while shuttling between mainland and island to having my own apartment on the island. I have to give thanks to God for the opportunity to build myself to the point of being a project supervisor in one of the leading telecommunication company in Nigeria which has given me a great platform to express myself and meet well know dignitaries in my sector.

Work was going smoothly for the day and all my colleagues were already itching to close in order to have a swell weekend but that wasn’t in my line of thoughts because I know, as usual, I will be taking some of my unfinished work home and just sit in my sitting room watching already downloaded movies on my hard drive. That has gradually become my normal routine for the past 3years and it seems am not looking forward to having it changed. I was still busy with work when my phone beeped to alert me of a message from Mercy my dear friend asking what was my plan for the weekend which I casually replied, as usual. This got her replying that she ain’t surprised as I have gradually turned to the usual Kora. The affectionate way Mercy do pronounce my name always get me smiling as she is the only one that calls me Kora while every other calls me Zikora. She continued in her normal way of advising me not to shut myself out from social activities as with time it might make me get frustrated and pleading that I change my routine and that in fact she really wants me to hang out with her and our other friends. I was really surprised at her pleas and also grateful for our friendship because she is one person that hasn’t given up on me ever since I turned into a recluse. I quickly told her, I will get back to her.

Three years ago, I was a very jovial and lively lady that knows how to balance her work and social life. Loved hanging out and meeting friends and was happy been single and wasn’t even ready to let any man sweep me off my feet. Then came Brown who persisted till I had to give him a chance, though I didn’t play the hard to get because he was introduced to me by a mutual friend who assured me of his sincerity and with careful analysis, decided to give him a chance. We dated for 2years and called it quits because I couldn’t cope with the nonchalant attitude of his, and the zeal to keep the candle burning wasn’t there anymore, I just felt used and disappointed especially when I later learned of his unfaithfulness. Deciding to move on, made me move from the mainland to the island, concentrated on my work, pushed myself to get to the top in my company and now I have to agree with Mercy that I can’t be a recluse anymore. I need to go out and enjoy the work of my hands, need to loosen up and have a positive outlook on life. With that, I quickly send a message to Mercy of my interest and requested for details.

That acceptance led to a 10mins call from her as she was so happy to hear that am game and also informed me that she will stop by my office and join me to my home to pick up some stuff I will need as we will be spending the weekend in a newly opened hotel in Ikoyi, alongside Anna, Christy, and Joy. It sounded promising and just couldn’t wait to have fun.

Image result for graphic photo celebrating friendship

As promised, Mercy came to the office and meeting her at the reception almost got me crying because though we are in the same state, live on the island and our office not very far from each other, we haven’t seen each other for 8months. She had never given up on our friendship, and even when I don’t check up on her, she still does. She is always the one to chat me up, call me and the first to wish me a happy new month.

Am I looking forward to the weekend? Yes!!!!!!!!!!!

To be continued…..



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Which Way Naija?

The video above, went viral some weeks ago, people saw the humor in it and had a good time laughing, it was kinda refreshing showing what the average Nigerian is facing in a funny way. Mr. Chido became an internet sensation due to his ability to touch every angle on what we Nigerians are facing in the country at the moment.

It is so sad that after one year in office of this present administration, we ain’t moving forward, rather we are just stagnant . The basic things of life are being treated as a luxury. Now we have epileptic power supply, hike in fuel price resulting in high prices for commodities and then there is the scarcity of tomatoes which has resulted in it being extremely expensive and is now meant for the rich.

One expects that minimum wage is increased to meet the high demand but in this case, it wasn’t instead some workers salaries are been slashed like in the case of Imo state workers, the labour union in Nigeria no longer have a voice as they are steadily been threatened should they think of going on strike. This leads us to ask the question if we are in a Democratic government or military where one is scared of expressing his/her opinions.

I remember when the fuel price was increased to its new price initially, it resulted in transport drivers increasing their fares, which was expected because they have to make substantial profit but they also failed to understand that we the salary earners are also feeling the pinch because transportation budget has also been exceeded and for those earning very low income, they have no other option than to devise means of cutting down costs and so they trek a reasonable distance before boarding the bus and this is usually done at the close of work and they also try to leave their houses early enough in order to get cheaper bus as bus fare are relatively cheap in the early hours of the morning. Now the drivers have no other choice than to revert back to their old fare because they as well need to make money.

Now we talk about the epileptic power supply that is becoming so frustrating. Some parts of Lagos haven’t had any power supply for some months now. From what Mr. Chido rightly said in the video, we are the ones providing light for ourselves by buying fuel for our generators. Before this prevailing situation we found ourselves, #2000 fuel can service you for a couple of hours but now the reverse is the case. Imagine spending #4000 daily in a month and you will be surprised at how much you spend just so you can be comfortable in your house.

Is no longer news that United Airlines UA, is stopping operations in Nigeria soon thereby thrusting their staff into the labour market where there are no jobs. Obviously, they couldn’t cope with the present recession which I am sure is part of their reasons for taking that decision. A return trip on UA on an economy class goes for more than half a million depending on when you purchase your ticket, British Airways economy fares is becoming so outrageous that one wonders if they are paying for a business class ticket. Some passengers made me realize that international flights are no longer filled up even in the cheapest flight because people are no longer traveling and if people are not traveling, how can the aviation industry grow?

No one is talking about strengthening our Naira against the dollar and I really feel for the entrepreneurs at this point because some of them are seriously not finding things funny. They buy their goods expensive and selling them becomes difficult. In fact, some of them end up selling their goods without making any profit just so the goods doesn’t stay with them for long.

At the end of the day, the question is which way Naija?


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Stanford Rape Case- So Annoying

Brock Allen Turner (Defendant)

Have been following the Standford rape case and is actually getting overwhelming to me. I love the fact that people all over the world that really doesn’t know the victim who had to plead anonymous, has rallied around her showing support and condemning the short sentence levied on the accused which is Six(6) months in county jail and probation.

It is so glaring that the judge acted base on superficial perception just because the defendant is a champion swimmer who once aspired to go for Olympics and obviously reasoning like the defendant’s father who opened his mouth to say his son doesn’t deserve to be given a long sentence for 20 minutes of action. I wish I know if the defendant’s father also have a daughter and if he can utter such if it were to be his daughter being assaulted, or if the judge would take it lightly if it were to be his daughter being the victim.

And then there were those that initially openly supported the accused base on their personal relationship without first taking the time to think the matter through, questioning the possibility of the accused been guilty and instead blamed the girl for been at that location at the time. Like seriously? This culture thing of saying people bring rape upon themselves by the way they are dressed or the environment they find themselves should be abolished. This girl went out with her younger sister to a party, got drunk and of course I would fault her sister for not looking out for her, and probably she felt like going outside to clear her head and she passed out and how is that her doing? And that is not even a good justification for rape.

The question to the boy would be instead of assaulting her why didn’t he help her knowing she was unconscious? Instead of removing her cardigan, why didn’t he call 911? Instead of groping her breasts, why didn’t he call for help? Rather he took advantage of the situation and would have gotten away with it if he wasn’t caught. Kudos to the guys that rescued her knowing something was amiss. Truthfully this guy is lucky he is an American, in some part of the world, he would have been lynched by an angry mob and maybe lost his life in the process through the act of jungle justice (which I don’t condone anyway).

Am glad that those that initially stood by him are apologising and asking for real justice to be done as they don’t really know what transpired on that fateful day and was elated when US Vice President, Joe Biden pens an open letter praising the victim’s courage, and Texas Republican representative, Ted Poe have asked that the judge that gave that ridiculous sentence be removed and the initial sentence be reviewed, citing that the punishment for rape should be longer than a semester in college. Also, it has been discovered that the accused lied about been a stranger to drugs as evidence has shown that he uses drugs occasionally and then there is also a possibility that he actually snapped the victim’s breasts which he later sent to his friends on his GroupMe app which is an instant messaging app.

I do hope this gets to a positive end and I will sure follow the case to the end because I am really interested in how far this will go and should be a lesson to others not to take advantage of people who are helpless rather extend a helping hand to them.



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Confidence Of Airport Touts

All in the name of airport protocol officers and under the fragile protection of security officers in the airport, these airport touts make their daily living. Well, man must hustle, that’s the mindset of an average Nigerian but when it is at the detriment of notable citizens who are naive, then it is a fantastically corrupt business.

They can be seen at the airport especially the MM1 aka GAT, some are inside the airport while some are stationed outside the airport waiting for fortune to smile on them. If that happens, they take their passenger to meet the privilege ones inside that helps to get the tickets for them whilst they try to convince the passenger to sit somewhere and when they are done, boarding pass is given to the passenger without the ticket.

Proceeds from the transaction are shared among them after the particular flight has been announced, this is because no one knows if there will be cancellation of flight and should there be, they have to run around to refund the passenger without causing issues that can backfire on them. So far, this touting activities isn’t noticable in MM2 compared to MM1.

People keep asking if security officers or agents are in the airport and yes they are but somehow they keep a blind eye to the activities as far as there are no issues because at the end of the day, they collect their own share of the proceeds, and their food for the day is provided for by these touts.

Some of these touts know their targets and they can easily profile you just by looking at you. There are some that are more comfortable dealing with foreigners and now some of these foreigners are now acquainted with these set of people and tend not to appraoch them at all as they have fallen victim in time past. Those that feel they are handsome and have what it takes to walk up to a girl, targets well-dressed ladies and also guys in some cases. Is just all about been confident in what they are doing because they know very well that like all businesses, confidence plays a large role.

Can one really bame these set of people that seek for their daily bread? Some of them once worked for some of the airlines that have packed up, while some were sacked due to one issue or the other and they decided to fight for survival rather than sitting back and wallowing in self pity and of course we know the jobs ain’t there. The experienced ones who have been in the game for long have upgraded by registering their business and getting recognized so they are not harrassed in the airport and also for easy access for them to do their transactions and they equally have regualar business clients who steadily call them up for their flight tickets

Well somehow the activities are now minimal and they sure didn’t see that coming and probably with time, this sort of activity will be scrapped out but until then, travelers need to be extremely vigilant and always try to get to the exact counter they really need assistance from.


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I Weep For My Country…

Taking innocent lives is becoming a norm in Nigeria and the law enforcement agencies are not doing anything about it as such cases find their way of been swept under the carpet. One can’t really put faith in the judicial system anymore.

How can the death of a Christian lady in Kano be justified? A life was cut short within the twinkle of an eye and nothing is been said or done to bring the culprits to book. Of course, I knew it will just pass after all we are still waiting for justice to prevail in the case of the Aluu 4 which took place in Rivers State, 2012.

The only way our dear president can react to this injustice is to advise that we all respect our individual faith and I wonder if He feels the lady didn’t respect it. He obviously drew his conclusion based on the media hype that claimed the woman blasphemed against prophet Mohammed and the question to him is why does He think it is true? And even if it was, is that the way to judge such cases? How many times has Muslims mocked Christians? Has any death been recorded? Even when Boko haram took it as a normal thing to frustrate Christians in the north by killing them, destroying properties, did they retaliate? So what manner of respect is he talking about?

One can’t begin to imagine how this annoying act took place, she was probably beaten before being beheaded, the excruciating pain and the slow death. Her pleas for mercies falling on deaf ears, with no one in sight to help her. No policemen around to meddle in the affairs and even after the drastic act was committed and while her beheaded skull was being paraded around town, these same guys weren’t apprehended. They were allowed to jubilate, thinking they have done the right thing.

At the end of the day, God is still on the throne and He has rightly said, vengeance is His. My heartfelt sympathy goes to the family of the deceased.


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