I Weep For My Country…

Taking innocent lives is becoming a norm in Nigeria and the law enforcement agencies are not doing anything about it as such cases find their way of been swept under the carpet. One can’t really put faith in the judicial system anymore.

How can the death of a Christian lady in Kano be justified? A life was cut short within the twinkle of an eye and nothing is been said or done to bring the culprits to book. Of course, I knew it will just pass after all we are still waiting for justice to prevail in the case of the Aluu 4 which took place in Rivers State, 2012.

The only way our dear president can react to this injustice is to advise that we all respect our individual faith and I wonder if He feels the lady didn’t respect it. He obviously drew his conclusion based on the media hype that claimed the woman blasphemed against prophet Mohammed and the question to him is why does He think it is true? And even if it was, is that the way to judge such cases? How many times has Muslims mocked Christians? Has any death been recorded? Even when Boko haram took it as a normal thing to frustrate Christians in the north by killing them, destroying properties, did they retaliate? So what manner of respect is he talking about?

One can’t begin to imagine how this annoying act took place, she was probably beaten before being beheaded, the excruciating pain and the slow death. Her pleas for mercies falling on deaf ears, with no one in sight to help her. No policemen around to meddle in the affairs and even after the drastic act was committed and while her beheaded skull was being paraded around town, these same guys weren’t apprehended. They were allowed to jubilate, thinking they have done the right thing.

At the end of the day, God is still on the throne and He has rightly said, vengeance is His. My heartfelt sympathy goes to the family of the deceased.


Photo Credit: Google


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