Confidence Of Airport Touts

All in the name of airport protocol officers and under the fragile protection of security officers in the airport, these airport touts make their daily living. Well, man must hustle, that’s the mindset of an average Nigerian but when it is at the detriment of notable citizens who are naive, then it is a fantastically corrupt business.

They can be seen at the airport especially the MM1 aka GAT, some are inside the airport while some are stationed outside the airport waiting for fortune to smile on them. If that happens, they take their passenger to meet the privilege ones inside that helps to get the tickets for them whilst they try to convince the passenger to sit somewhere and when they are done, boarding pass is given to the passenger without the ticket.

Proceeds from the transaction are shared among them after the particular flight has been announced, this is because no one knows if there will be cancellation of flight and should there be, they have to run around to refund the passenger without causing issues that can backfire on them. So far, this touting activities isn’t noticable in MM2 compared to MM1.

People keep asking if security officers or agents are in the airport and yes they are but somehow they keep a blind eye to the activities as far as there are no issues because at the end of the day, they collect their own share of the proceeds, and their food for the day is provided for by these touts.

Some of these touts know their targets and they can easily profile you just by looking at you. There are some that are more comfortable dealing with foreigners and now some of these foreigners are now acquainted with these set of people and tend not to appraoch them at all as they have fallen victim in time past. Those that feel they are handsome and have what it takes to walk up to a girl, targets well-dressed ladies and also guys in some cases. Is just all about been confident in what they are doing because they know very well that like all businesses, confidence plays a large role.

Can one really bame these set of people that seek for their daily bread? Some of them once worked for some of the airlines that have packed up, while some were sacked due to one issue or the other and they decided to fight for survival rather than sitting back and wallowing in self pity and of course we know the jobs ain’t there. The experienced ones who have been in the game for long have upgraded by registering their business and getting recognized so they are not harrassed in the airport and also for easy access for them to do their transactions and they equally have regualar business clients who steadily call them up for their flight tickets

Well somehow the activities are now minimal and they sure didn’t see that coming and probably with time, this sort of activity will be scrapped out but until then, travelers need to be extremely vigilant and always try to get to the exact counter they really need assistance from.


Photo Credit: Google


2 thoughts on “Confidence Of Airport Touts

  1. mitmas says:

    What pains me most is that these so called Agents never stop fooling around and at times mislead their clients cos of wrong info. Anyways man must eat but not at the detriment of others sha.


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