Stanford Rape Case- So Annoying

Brock Allen Turner (Defendant)

Have been following the Standford rape case and is actually getting overwhelming to me. I love the fact that people all over the world that really doesn’t know the victim who had to plead anonymous, has rallied around her showing support and condemning the short sentence levied on the accused which is Six(6) months in county jail and probation.

It is so glaring that the judge acted base on superficial perception just because the defendant is a champion swimmer who once aspired to go for Olympics and obviously reasoning like the defendant’s father who opened his mouth to say his son doesn’t deserve to be given a long sentence for 20 minutes of action. I wish I know if the defendant’s father also have a daughter and if he can utter such if it were to be his daughter being assaulted, or if the judge would take it lightly if it were to be his daughter being the victim.

And then there were those that initially openly supported the accused base on their personal relationship without first taking the time to think the matter through, questioning the possibility of the accused been guilty and instead blamed the girl for been at that location at the time. Like seriously? This culture thing of saying people bring rape upon themselves by the way they are dressed or the environment they find themselves should be abolished. This girl went out with her younger sister to a party, got drunk and of course I would fault her sister for not looking out for her, and probably she felt like going outside to clear her head and she passed out and how is that her doing? And that is not even a good justification for rape.

The question to the boy would be instead of assaulting her why didn’t he help her knowing she was unconscious? Instead of removing her cardigan, why didn’t he call 911? Instead of groping her breasts, why didn’t he call for help? Rather he took advantage of the situation and would have gotten away with it if he wasn’t caught. Kudos to the guys that rescued her knowing something was amiss. Truthfully this guy is lucky he is an American, in some part of the world, he would have been lynched by an angry mob and maybe lost his life in the process through the act of jungle justice (which I don’t condone anyway).

Am glad that those that initially stood by him are apologising and asking for real justice to be done as they don’t really know what transpired on that fateful day and was elated when US Vice President, Joe Biden pens an open letter praising the victim’s courage, and Texas Republican representative, Ted Poe have asked that the judge that gave that ridiculous sentence be removed and the initial sentence be reviewed, citing that the punishment for rape should be longer than a semester in college. Also, it has been discovered that the accused lied about been a stranger to drugs as evidence has shown that he uses drugs occasionally and then there is also a possibility that he actually snapped the victim’s breasts which he later sent to his friends on his GroupMe app which is an instant messaging app.

I do hope this gets to a positive end and I will sure follow the case to the end because I am really interested in how far this will go and should be a lesson to others not to take advantage of people who are helpless rather extend a helping hand to them.



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4 thoughts on “Stanford Rape Case- So Annoying

  1. mitmas says:

    Rape is quite rampant amongst the youngsters who uses drugs to be sociable, is not surpring to see American doing such cos their laws are too flexible and accommodating. Keep the good works up dear


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