Which Way Naija?

The video above, went viral some weeks ago, people saw the humor in it and had a good time laughing, it was kinda refreshing showing what the average Nigerian is facing in a funny way. Mr. Chido became an internet sensation due to his ability to touch every angle on what we Nigerians are facing in the country at the moment.

It is so sad that after one year in office of this present administration, we ain’t moving forward, rather we are just stagnant . The basic things of life are being treated as a luxury. Now we have epileptic power supply, hike in fuel price resulting in high prices for commodities and then there is the scarcity of tomatoes which has resulted in it being extremely expensive and is now meant for the rich.

One expects that minimum wage is increased to meet the high demand but in this case, it wasn’t instead some workers salaries are been slashed like in the case of Imo state workers, the labour union in Nigeria no longer have a voice as they are steadily been threatened should they think of going on strike. This leads us to ask the question if we are in a Democratic government or military where one is scared of expressing his/her opinions.

I remember when the fuel price was increased to its new price initially, it resulted in transport drivers increasing their fares, which was expected because they have to make substantial profit but they also failed to understand that we the salary earners are also feeling the pinch because transportation budget has also been exceeded and for those earning very low income, they have no other option than to devise means of cutting down costs and so they trek a reasonable distance before boarding the bus and this is usually done at the close of work and they also try to leave their houses early enough in order to get cheaper bus as bus fare are relatively cheap in the early hours of the morning. Now the drivers have no other choice than to revert back to their old fare because they as well need to make money.

Now we talk about the epileptic power supply that is becoming so frustrating. Some parts of Lagos haven’t had any power supply for some months now. From what Mr. Chido rightly said in the video, we are the ones providing light for ourselves by buying fuel for our generators. Before this prevailing situation we found ourselves, #2000 fuel can service you for a couple of hours but now the reverse is the case. Imagine spending #4000 daily in a month and you will be surprised at how much you spend just so you can be comfortable in your house.

Is no longer news that United Airlines UA, is stopping operations in Nigeria soon thereby thrusting their staff into the labour market where there are no jobs. Obviously, they couldn’t cope with the present recession which I am sure is part of their reasons for taking that decision. A return trip on UA on an economy class goes for more than half a million depending on when you purchase your ticket, British Airways economy fares is becoming so outrageous that one wonders if they are paying for a business class ticket. Some passengers made me realize that international flights are no longer filled up even in the cheapest flight because people are no longer traveling and if people are not traveling, how can the aviation industry grow?

No one is talking about strengthening our Naira against the dollar and I really feel for the entrepreneurs at this point because some of them are seriously not finding things funny. They buy their goods expensive and selling them becomes difficult. In fact, some of them end up selling their goods without making any profit just so the goods doesn’t stay with them for long.

At the end of the day, the question is which way Naija?


Video Credit: Youtube/The Herald Nigeria








2 thoughts on “Which Way Naija?

  1. Choice says:

    Hmmmm my sister, NO WORDS!!!


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